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Informational Essay on Adopting From China

"By the year 2020, there will be 30 million more men than women of marriageable age in this giant empire, so large and so different (its current population is 1,336,410,000) that it often feels more like a separate planet than just another country. Nothing like this has ever happened to any civilization before.”- Peter Hichens. Adoption is good and bad in many different ways. The reasons for adoption in China are big issues for many people worldwide.

One of the reasons that there are so many children up for adoption in China is because of a rule that you can only have one child. The One-Child Policy began in 1979 in order to better control the population growth. People are allowed to have more than one child, but are forced to pay higher taxes that most cannot afford. There are exceptions like if your first child is a girl or BOTH parents have no siblings or if your first child is born with disabilities.

Parents in China typically want boys because they will help with financial support, retirement and care of their parents. Also, boys are educated and can find jobs more easily and typically get paid better than girls. Boys in rural areas will help tend to the farm work. When people in China have a daughter, once the daughter gets married, she leaves her home to live with her husband’s family. Then there is no one to help take care of her parents.

After so many years of boys being favored and girls being given up, or worse, there is now a shortage of women in China. Rules in China keep changing and now the Chinese are adopting their own healthy children. Many families are no longer opposed to having a girl, but special needs children are now treated like girls were. Currently, there is a nine to ten year wait to adopt a healthy child from China. Many families internationally have decided to adopt a special needs child instead because of the long wait for a healthy child and many more special needs children are available.

All the reasons for Chinese adoption have caused an imbalance and now the boys far outnumber the girls. The One-Child policy is a huge part of all Chinese children up for adoption. When most parents wanted boys, now many parents are starting to warm up to the idea of having a girl. What will the feature hold for girls and what will change for boys?


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Argumentative Essay

Help The Homeless in your Community

According to the Monkey Do Project, for the first time in U.S. history, there are about 1 million homeless students. They said, "Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not happening." If there are that many people in the U.S. that are homeless then are a portion of them in your community? If you were a parent, wouldn't you want to have your children to have a happy and stable childhood? Wouldn't you want your children, to grow up not having to worry about where they sleep every night? Some people have to worry about these things everyday because there homeless and the worst part is that there are over 1 million in the U.S.

The first reason why you should support the homeless people in your community is to make people aware that there’s a problem. According to Habitat for Humanity Oakland County, “We have a housing crisis in Oakland County. We have over 100,000 people living in poverty and the average age of a homeless person is nine.” The fact is that the average age of a homeless person is nine that’s way too young for an average. The biggest reason for the housing crisis is there are not enough affordable places for people to live who have lower incomes. If there were more choices for housing, there wouldn’t be this many people needing homes. There are organizations out there like habitat for humanity, that help the homeless out but, only if they help and can pay the mortgage of the house. The fact is that between the average age of a homeless person and homeless people having money but, still not having enough to pay mortgage or an apartment.

Another reason it’s important to support the homeless in your community is because when children have a home to live in, they have more success in school and in life. This means that they could be more successful in life instead of how they grew up. Also according to writer Andrea Elliott says “Decades of research have shown the staggering societal costs of children in poverty. They grow up with less education and lower earning power.” This proves that having a home will help empower kids as they grow up and will benefit them in their future. The homes will teach kids that if they put time and effort that they can succeed in life but, they need your help to find a home so they have empowerment.

Of course, some people might think that the homeless got themselves into the situation so they can get themselves out. However some people just aren’t in the position that they have the needed resources or the help to find them.

If more people would donate their time and resources, having safe, affordable rental property for low to mid income families would be possible. Then we would be able to help these people one by one to get them back up on their feet. The children would then grow up with stability and have more of a chance to attend college and earn more money in their future. That’s why we need to donate our time and money to help these people and the satisfaction that you’ve helped someone that day.

By: Amanda Freeman
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Amanda is amazed at Amari's apple.

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Beauty's Beast becomes a Banana.
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Come to Carter's Can Car.

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Dinosaurs Dine on a Delicious diner.

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Six foxes exit a mixer.

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The Kasham Homework Games
BOOM! Another bucket full of Homework went off. This means only three pairs remain. Let me start from the beginning. These Are the people on my team : Nate, Bennett, Zack, Elizabeth, Emily and Me Amanda Freeman the leader of the pack. On January 3, 2014 all the kashamers gathered for morning meeting. It was the day everyone was preparing for. The Kasham Homework games the third annual.

Three Best Friends

Once Upon a time there was a spider named Lucy and her best friend Larry he was a strawberry. Lucy always protected

My Personal narrative

The Hello Kitty

Have you ever been so excited that you thought your lungs were going to burst? Let me start from the beginning. My Grandpa and Mema came from Maryland to Michigan for my 4th birthday. I can picture it so well. I felt so happy my Grandpa and Mema were there. They took me to the 12 Oaks Mall. I had just gotten off of the escalator and my Mema and Grandpa started swinging me back and forth. I was laughing so hard my lungs hurt. I was wearing a black and white poke-a-dot ruffle dress, my Grandpa was wearing a purple polo shirt and jeans and my Mema was wearing a short sleeve t-shirt with jeans. They swung me right into Build-a-Bear Workshop.
I walked to each bin with a different stuffed animal. I finally saw it, the perfect animal. It was a Hello Kitty. I stuffed her with cotton filling and then gave her a heart. I picked an outfit for her to wear. I love her so much and she is one of the only memories I have of my Grandpa. Every time I look into her eyes I see that escalator and that little official 4 year old girl getting swung by her Grandpa and Mema. l still feel so happy my Grandpa and Mema were there that weekend for my birthday and I still hear that laugh that made my lungs hurt.

A few years later about when I was 6 my grandpa passed away he was a wonderful person. I will love you forever. Lucky for me my Mema is still here. Even though she is not my not my grandpa, she's the closest thing I have to him. I get to see my Mema on Thanksgivaka (thanksgiving and Chanukah combined) this year.

This is dedicated to my Grandpa Ron who will forever be in my heart. I love you.

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My Hyperbole Letter!!!!!external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQrLfVdlqUNtgAN7TbTOgJ7v31WPc09lI6bArSzYR1Oq1WdaF2Wjw
Dear Sam,
Don't you think your over exaggerating a little more like a lot maybe you should try being nice to Cat. I mean have the worst roommate ever I mean in history of bad roommates. Even her name gives me the creeps it's Edna Malone, do you know her? she said she meet you in juvie. Her dad works in the Navy, mine works in the air force. I don't know how we got out in the same dorm because I'm in the Air Force dorm and she should be in the Navy dorm.

I think she read my diary I can't believe she told the dorm adviser that I stole her T-shirt. She threatens to hurt me if I get in her way. I told the dean this but he just said and I quote "oh well better luck next time" Can you believe that. I absolutely positivity strongly hate this school. I also miss seeing Spencer light something on fire.

I don't know if she is just homesick like me or just plain out mean. I don't care what you think, but i miss Freddie too.