So there were two highlighters that were best friends the pink highlighter's name is Izzy and the yellow highlighter's name is Alexis.Their lives were perfect until the green highlighter named Jessica came to town. Jessica was always a trouble maker. Jessica always got herself and others into trouble by blaming things on everyone but herself. Izzy and Alexis were tired of getting blamed. They finally stood up for themselves and told Jessica they don't like getting blamed for her actions. We want you to take ownership for your own actions.

When I first started CHEER!!!!

When I first started cheerleading at my school in southfield they had a cheerleading team and I thought that I would be interested in cheerleading. At my first cheerleading practice I was the only one that was new at cheerleading and I didn't know how to do anything. But I soon got a little better with the excepsion of some accidents. Like the time I was in a stunt I fell out of the stunt and hit my head.
The first house I ever lived in was 7 mile and Beechdaily

When I came home from the hospital I went to a house on 7 mile and Beechdaily. People had been so rude to me and my mom people egged my mom's and my house because we were the only African Americans on the block.We could smell the egg on the house it had a strong stench to it that was disgusting.The rest of the people on the block were Caucasian/white and they didn't want any other race on the block. we did nothing to them we just wanted a nice neighborhood for me to grow up in.After a wile of living there we gained exceptence and they stopped.Then I made a friend from across the street she came over my house a lot. We played together and became really close she was a great friend.But all of a sudden she stopped coming over I saw her less and less.I started to believe I was losing my best friend.But it turned out she was moving in with her aunt who was my neighbor.When I found that out I was so excited.

Hyperbole Letter

Dear SpongeBoB,

So SpongeBoB you were being so irritating when you said I couldn't have your chocolate bar.I thought that you were being very shellfish.After all those times that I gave you a candy rappers that were empty.All you did was throw all of them away.How disrespectful.

You should be jealous because I am the one that had to go into the dumpster and get it.By the way it is going to be your birthday gift from me Happy early Birthday.Don't worry I didn't take any of the trash off just for you.I know that you like that way.

It is okay because you are my friend.But just so you know I came to your house while you were sleeping and ate that good chocolate bar you had.You no you are not very good at hiding things because when I walked into your pineapple and there was a sign that said CHOCOLATE BAR HERE!!! How stupid do you get I mean how stupid do I get.

-Your really slow and dumb friend



Argumentative Essay

Don't you just love munching on those sweet,soft apples at school.Not having snack can put a negative affect on your child's mood,behavior and brain function.Snacks should be allowed in Kasham for numerous reasons.

Students need the right foods to put in their body's so they wiil have the energy to learn.According to Livestrong.com food is turned into glucose in your body,glucose gives your child's body and brain the energy he or she needs to run like gas gives a car fuel it needs to run.I believe that Kasham students should have snack because some kids need snack at a certain time.According to healthyeating.sfgate.com kids should have snack every 3 to 4 hours over the course of the day to help them stay focused on academics and maintain energy.If you put the right food in your body you will be more productive in learning.

Not eating right can cause serious health issues.The Center of Science in the Public Interest reports snacks are beneficial to children,promoting good nutrition.I think if you put the right food in your body it is like you are saving your own life.According to The Center of Science in the Public Interest,when schools serve snacks it helps children develop lifelong healthy eating habits and to prevent chronic diseases,such as heart diseases,cancer and high blood pressure.That is why you should always think about your health the next time you put something unhealthy in your body.

The danger of snacking is that it can add extra calories to your day.For example just by adding 100 calories to your diet you could gain 10 pounds a year.Even so, there is more risk that can be taken by adding calories to your body.

Healthy foods make you more productive in class.Putting the right food in your body can save your life and make you have a healthier life.This is why I believe you should let us Kasham students have snack in class.

By: Amari Pryor

I would feel embarrassed because people would stare at me and that would be uncomfortable. i would go to school to show people that people are different and that no everybody is the same.not all people look the same because that is the way god made us
INFORMATIONAL ESSAYexternal image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRiMQsTvQtR9MMAOnckxCulAtBMyqKIWZKMSyEp9JcGBfK5UKooRAexternal image gmo-tomato-proposition-37-537x358.jpg


Do you love food because I do?But do we know whats in our food?A lot of people lately have said that our fruits and veggies aren't as tastie as the used to be.That's because of GMO's. GMO's have 3 often disgusted topics the History,Production, and Controversies.


Genetic Engineering is the direct transfer of DNA from one organism to another,was first accomplished by : Herbert Boyes and Stanley Cohen in 1973.In 1994 the tomato was approved by the FDA in the US.The modification of the tomato allowed the tomato to delay ripening after picking.Wikipedia advises that as of 2013 roughly 85% of corn, 91% of soybeans, and 88% of cotton produced in the United States are genetically modified.


Genetically engineering plants are generated in a laboratory by altering their genetic makeup and are tested in the laboratory for desired qualities. This is usually done by adding one or more genes to a plants genome using genetic engineering techniques. Most genetically modified plants are modified in a direct way by gene addition (cloning).


Some people think GMO's are dangerous because of these reasons. About.com states "Anti-GMO advocates cite potential health concerns and charge that GM foods have not been adequately tested to prove safety." About.com also states "Scenarios describe possible toxic effects from plant made resistant to pesticides like Bacillus thuringiensis (bt) or glyphasate." On the other side people think differently. There is a big group of people that think the food on the market derived from GM crops posses no greater risk than conventional food. They say no reports of illnesses have been documented in the human population from GM foods.


There are three often discussed topics on GMO's which are the history, production, and the controversies. It's quite amazing how much there is to know about what's in our food and GMO's themselves.

By:Amari Pryor