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B.O.R.E.D. Thats how you can describe my life when im in school. Bored ugh its math time now. Math is the worst you have to write listen AND DO MATH! Like why!? I dont think when i become a professional baseball player i dont need to know what 12/20 + 20/40 when i play baseball like REALLY! Im sorry where are my manners my name is greg, and i like baseball! (like you didnt already know) my tournament this weekend and i think we will get to the finals! My teammates are Alex,Jon,Jake,Justin,Ryan,Jacob,Anthony,Braden,Jordan,Nate,Zack. The big hitter is Alex. Im more like a base hit or bunt kinda guy not really a double triple or homerun. i am fast i play rightfield and leftfield.
Chapter 2 Perpareing
Its 3 days till the game... "mom ima call Alex,Jon and braden and anthony to go to the field ok?" "ok have fun be safe" "i will" i shouted as riding my bike to the field. *riiiiinnnnnnggggg riiiiiinnnnnggggg* "hello?" "Alex you and jon wanna go up to the field and play baseball and prepare for the weekend"? "sure" "ill call Jon And Braden you call anthony ok Alex"? "ok" 5 minutes later we are all at the field. "Guys lets play catch to warm up" said Alex "ok" we all said me and jon got to play catch alex and braden and anthony played in a three way catch. We had a home run derby Alex won of course he hit 5 home runs!!!! Well i was pitching at 30 miles per hour and he is a good hitter so. Yeah i hit 1 homerun i got in second place. Jon hit 0 and anthony hit 0 and braden hit 1 we tied.

Monday: it all started when i was 8 years old on the first day of summer..... Me my dad and brother went to bike to a pond and try to catch fish and frogs. We had no luck but we saw them but we didnt catch them. oon our way home me and my brother were racing with our bikes. i got up the big hill and went down FAST i was in the lead then my brother hit my back tire and my bike FLIPED!! i fell and tumbled down the hill. my dad was far behind so i have to stray there for about 5 min with my brother. My dad said ill be fine but i couldnt bike home so my mom picked me up. when my brother and dad got home they saw me with no shirt and my mom covering up all my cuts. my shirt was ruined with blood. my dad check my arm i had a scar on it. my dad said it might be broken so we put a temporary cast on. it felt werid and i put ice on it

Tuesday: my dad took my too a docter (even though hes one) i had to get a hard cast. i could have gotten blue or red i got red. sence then i couldnt go in my OWN POOL! but i got this thing that i can go swimming in. but it didnt work but i swam anyway. all of my brothers/sisters friends signed it! It was 2 weeks before school starts so i my dad said do you want to take you cast to school or take it off early? i took it off early. to cut the cast off you need a saw to cut it i got really scared at first because it was a saw but he told me it tickles and it wasent a real kinda saw it was special. when he rubbed the saw agenst the cast it vibreated so much i thought i was going to fall off the chair. when he took of the cast he told me to put a sling on. a sling is a thing that goes around your sholder to keep your arm in place.

First Day Of School: i got to school and my teachers was Mrs. Walker and she wanted everyone to bring in something for show in tell. i brought my cast it was split in half when my dad sawed it! my cast had a bunch of signings of my brothers friends and my sisters. When i showed my teacher she was shocked that i broke my arm during the first day. i showed the class my cast and my scars and they were all shocked! we counted and i had 25 cuts and 2 scars. and that was the time i broke my arm on the first day of school. accrue

its was last year in 5th grade me and my family and my cousin my mom surprised me with WERE GOING TO ATLANTIS!! I was so excited my mom todl me were going with my cousin chase i packed my bags and i was ready to go! the day we were leaving my cousin slept over that night because we had to leave at 5 am so we got a good night sleep. when they woke us up we ate doughnuts for breakfast and we were off we drove to the airport and we had to take a bus the rest of the way. our filet didnt take off until about 6-7 am we drove for 2 hours on that filet to Atlanta the another filet to bahamas but what our flit guy says baHAMas.

We arrived! the first thing we did was streach! and then we went to our hotel got settled in our room we me and my cousin checked the arcacde room. then we went to the pool/waterpark they have the best lazy river in america it was a ramp that goes up and down and its long and its a good way to go around the water park i went in the lazy river and then from there to the wave pool and from there to the racing water slide me and my cousin went on that ride alot! We went to the mega that went aroudn and around the park.

On the second to last day we foudn a tween club it was for my age kids it was awesome to go in there was a bunch of video games and otehr stuff like wii xbox360 ps3. we played kenct baseball on xbox it was funny and fun. the best part of the place was haning out with my family and where we went. the last day we went to the arcade we didnt get much tickets but we didnt care my cousin won awesome headphones and my brother won a ipod that plays music it was in stackers my brother gave me the ipod because he has a ipad and iphone so he gave it to me i thought that was really nice. on our way home i was tired so i fell asleep on the plane for about 1 hour after that me and my cousin played minecraft on the plane together on my phone and his ipad it was a blast! before the second flight we ate at this restraunt. i had wendys my brother had subway and everyone else ate a diffrent place. on the way home i watched a movie called star wars i watched it becasue i havent seen it in a long time. WERE HOME!! We dropped off my cousin and we went hoem to see my dogs! Thats it so thanks for reading The time i went to Atlantis.

My Computer:

It all started when my brother got a computer when he was 13 and i really wanted one. i asked and asked my parents for ever!! but one day my dog knocked over my older brothers computer and it broke it wouldn't turn on! so we brought it to the computer store and they couldn't fix it. so my brother got another one! well he is in high school. so i took his broken computer and started playing with it and guess what. I FIXED IT! i was able to turn the computer on and restart it and play on it! so my parent said i could have it!

after a while on my computer i ran into some old friends we satrted talking and he said you got a skype? i said yes i do. when i got home i added him on skype and we talked alot. and he told me theres this kid in his class named deven and he told me that we all should skype so we did! we talk alot till this very day! sometimes i even talk to some other friends. without skype i dont think i would be able to have some of my friends if i didnt fix that computer! i mean i wouldnt be myself i am today if i didnt fix my computer.

HyperBole Letter...

Dear, Miranda

Why are you always so mad at Mr. Kassab for giving to much homework? He barley gives any! Why do you always annoy Mr. Kassab about the answers for the homework/assignments. Mr Kassab is one of the best teachers (besides Dr. ShamWow.) He makes sure we get homework and that we do it so that we get smarter.

Mr Kassab might listen to you more if you don't annoy him by saying MR KAAAAASSABBB. The homework he gives us is also really easy but for you, you make it seem impossible. MR KAAAAAASSSSABBB!! you will yell because you cant get the problem for number 1. (name)

The home he gives us, you would walk up to him and say "MR KAAAASSSAAAB this is to easy" then he would say "then work on it" then you yell "OK" so you sit down and then raise your hand yelling "MR KAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSAAAAAAAB!" then he would say "yes Miranda" I need HALP. "you said it was easy" it is but its to hard.


P.s this is just a hyperbole
Miranda abro approves of this hyberbole :)

"Batter Up!!" the umpire called. i walked up to the plate "strike one!" the umpire called "ball" the umpire called the pitcher threw a fast ball right down the middle and BOOOOOM!!!! i hit the ball deep its over the wall and the center fielder jumped over the fence and snatched it. he just robbed my home run!!! (panting) (panting) it was only a bad dream... (Come one jack your going to be late to school!!" "Coming Mom!" i yelled i hop out of bed and get dress and waddled down stairs. my mom made pancakes mm my favorite. My mom drives me to school to the bus stop and i get out of the car and go to school. blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda. and im home. "jack do your homework and then get ready for baseball!" "Ok!' i shout. i finish all of Mr kassabs math/science homework. and i get my baseball clothes on i grab my bag and hop in my car. my mom comes out and drives me to my baseball game. blah blah blah (warming up) (throwing the ball) (taking practice swings) "BATTER UP!!" the umpire called just like in my dream. "strike one!" the umpire yelled. and that same fastball this guy threw to me in my dream. so i let the umpire call a strike on that. "Strike Two!!" Another prefect pitch i have to swing i thought. i try to chop at it so it doesn't go far but it went really deep. i ran as fast as my little legs can carry me. the outfielder jumps trys to get it but he misses! at this point im running super fast!! the out fielder chucks it as hard as he can to home this is going to be close... I slide into home plate just as the catcher got the ball and "SAFE!!!" the umpire called the crowd is screaming loud and my team is jumping on top of me and yelling. we ended up winning that game 6-0. i go to my back yard and start using my pitch back and then i heard a loud Vroom! i looked up and i saw a... i don't know what i saw... all of a sudden a beam of light hit me! i started rising in the air higher and higher i got further and further i got from the ground. i was thinking what was happening. and is anyone seeing this. my arm started fading away just like the rest of my body. and all i heard was "@$#$#$%$" i opened my eyes and i was chained to a table wit ha bunch of weird looking things surrounding me. they back away really fast like there scared me of me. i was struggling to get out of the chains then something calmed me down all of a sudden i was getting sleeper and sleeper.... i woke up in a room with red lasers i was a prisoner!!! there was a weird look thing on the floor... i think its a toilet and then there's a rock for a bed... so i decide im going to try to get out of here. i see a bunch of small pebbles around the floor.i try to hit the open button with the rock.. BOOM a large sound was made when i hit the button. the alarmed sounded BEEP BEEP! i hope out of the cell and run as fast as my little legs carry me. i hid behind a wall while one alien is walking by i grab his gun and and shoot him i take his blaster and walk aroundn not worrying anymore about finding aliens. i find 10 aliens guarding a ship i shot all 10 and hop in the ship and blast off into space. i look at a map trying to find earth it says earth should be near here but all i see is a bunch of space rocks flying everywhere like.... earth... was destroyed.... my mind was full of questions i had no clue waht to do and how to do it. how would i live how can i sleep where would i go if im sick i cant live on here for ever. i fly near the giant space looking thing i fly around looking for itsd weak spots i mean it have some. i shot a thing on top of the ship and it deflects off. theres a force field... i fly inside the ship sneak into the control room and turn off the force field hopeing no one would notice. BEEP BEEP BEEP a alarm went off i ran as fast as my little legs can carry me. then i had a vison when i was dong the exact same thing! i hop in the ship and fly away i shoot the weak spots on the ship again and the ship started flying downward like its falling out of the sky. then all of a sudden a weird looking circle thing that had a invisable shield around it but my ship can see it it looks like a planet could it be earth could that ship have had a laser on earth so no one can see it? i fly towards the earth (i hope) and land in area 51 when i get targeted a bunch of people have guns tanks and other weapons pointed right at me i come ot of the ship and hold my hands up and yell there is a alien space ship up there i was a prisoner i got out and took one of there ships u may have but it will cost you. what do u want! a man yelled i want a one way ticket home... and the president to go on tv and announce what i did and to save the earth. deal? DEAL he yelled. he took me in a helicopter and he asked me some questions what did they look like? how did u escape? what did they do you you? he asked i had to sneak around kill aliens and fight back.. HARD so i got on the helicopter and off i went to home sweet home... i walk through the front door and i yell MOM!?!? DAD!??!?! ZACK!??!? zack runs down stairs JACK!! YOUR HOME!!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!! i will tell you after i see mom and dad... zack runs up stairs and grabs mom and dad i tell them about the aliens and stuff.. blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda. they all start BURSTING WITH LAUGHTER! and then zack said whlile still laughing so you (laughing) were like jack black EVERYONE IS KUNG FU FIGHTING YA! i ran up stairs in disapoint and i rememberd that the presidents going on tv and telling the world i saved them. i set the tv up and tell everyne to come downstairs.

Amazing alligators attacking awesome ants in america

spectacular spiders spinning spontaneously

Have you ever imagined waking up and playing your favorite sport? and get millions and millions of dollars. baseball players get over 15 million dollors a year EVEN MORE!

Alex rodregez is making more then 22 million in a year!! He makes .89 every second! 2 He makes 3,196 every hour!! I think thats to much money for one person to handle. A docter only makes 300,000 in one year, and Alex Rodreguez makes 28,000,000 in a year! Its my belief that docters should get more money then baseball players. docters save lives and baseball players play a sport and make millions.

Miguel Cabrera makes .67 cents ever second as you have reading this Miguel Cabrera has made 5.36$ thats alot of money for 8 seconds Miguel Cabrera makes 2,397 every hour! How much money do you make every hour? I bet you dont make as much money as Miguel Cabrera, unless you Bill Gates. Every year a docter makes 300,000, Every year a baseball player makes 20 Million dollars.

Prince Fielder makes over .73 cents EVERY SECOND! Every minute he makes 43.76. Every mouth Prince Fielder makes 1,916,666. Prince Fielder makes 22999745 Every Year!! Prince Fielder makes more money then Miguel Cabrera But... Alex Rodreguez makes the most money out of them all.

Thats how much money Miguel Cabrera makes and Alex Rodreguez And Prince Fielder. Alex Rodreguez makes the most then its Prince Fielder then miguel Cabrera.

if i was auggie and i went to school. I wouldnt want to go to school. If i had no choice to go i would have my face open so if people look at me they would start talking .

Dear Doc,

Dont worry i am keeping everyone under control :D kinda.... Some people i have no power over. But overall besides some people (not naming anyone) the class is dong very good and we all miss you very much.. Oh wait.... how could i forget!!! Hows your day going? i mean it must be heaven, because if I had a medical thing i would sleep in and stay in bed all day long and watch tv/netflix... But im stuck here with Mr kassab (not a bad thing) but.... Were still getting alot of homework! The class is pretty boring without you. But Mrs cannon is good to :D. I miss you the most because were tight yo! I cant wait for you to come back and tell you all the times us as a class we were good... Some days there were ups and downs but some days there would be a great day. I miss coming in and asking you that question. Dont worry i make sure i ask Mr kassab how his day is going! Everyday i make sure! Also i got some good news coming in! I got 100% on my S.S test! Thanks to you Doc! We all miss you very much! I said that alot but i dont think your gonna get the message you dont know how much I mi... I mean We miss you. Put that in your head! I wrote you a poem roses are red violets are blue how is your day going? it took me a minute.. But i got that poem and i made it just for you! #IMissYou! Ok doc get better soon i love you! Have a good day!

From the one and only,


informational essay

have you ever wondered what schoosl were like in the 1800s compared to now? Schools back then were quiet different. im goin to tell you all that i know about schools in the 1800s.

Paragraph 1

Schools in the 1800s are different but there are also stuff thats the same there are some stuff that makes sense that there the same like..... they all learned math,science,reading,writing,ELA,Social Studies, and more! girls and boys shared a class room. (most of the time) most of the kids start kindergarten to 12th grade. students in the 1800s have homework to.

Paragraph 2

One of the biggest things that was different from now to back then is there was segregation. segregation is when black kids and white kids didnt go to the same school. there was a different discipline