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This Is Carter's Page, Enjoy!

First Day of School
I got into the classroom and i saw a nice sized room for a great year. There were lots of people and I knew a few of them. I knew Hamza, and Ethan. I had a great first day with Dr.Shami and Mr.Kassab aka Mr.Homework. He is called Mr.Homework because he LOVES to give people homework and pre-tests. Also on the first day, Mr.Kassab said that in a couple weeks, we are going to experiment with acid, chemicals, and FIRE with test tubes. Right now, we are doing Milkweed bugs in science.

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Hi I'm Carter and let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am 11 years old and my favorite food is pizza and ice cream. My favorite video game is Minecraft. I am going to tell you about Minecraft. It is a game where everything is cubes and there is no such thing as round in Minecraft. Everything is blocks and there is tools like a pickaxe, shovel, axe, hoe, and a sword. There is 5 Types of swords, pickaxes, shovels, axes, and hoes, there are wooden, stone, iron, gold or BUTTER, and diamond tools. There is enchanting, for better weapons and tools and armor. There is Leather armor, Iron armor, Gold or BUTTER armor, and diamond armor. There is also hostile mobs or monsters in the game like creepers, zombies, skeletons, enderman, blaze, zombie pigman, ghasts, the ender dragon, silver fish, and the wither boss.

Personal Narrative
My First Day Of School Was A BLAST. When I Walked In To The Classroom #304, I Saw A Big Room And Fancy Lighting. I Was Ready For A Great Year! There Were Two Teachers, Dr.Shamey And Mr.Kassab. They Are Really Nice And This Is So Far The Best School Year I've Ever Had!
In science we are doing milkweed bugs. Right now, we are on the 4th generation of our milkweed bugs! There Are Probably More Than 30 Milkweed Bugs Total! There Is Also One Bag That Has A Big Group Of Milkweed Bugs At The Top. I Don't Know What There Doing! They Also Made a Circle At The Top.There Is Also A Lot Of Molted Skin At The Bottoms Of The Bags.

Dear Darth Vader,
I'm sorry about destroying part of your death star. The commander told me i had to do it, or i was fired. The X wing was scary to ride on because you were chasing me and that han solo almost killed me. I'm also sorry for spinning you in to space out of control. I didn't know that the explosion would be that big.

Plus, when i was taking off to your death star, i went as fast as i could because the Ewoks really scared me like they had clothes and they were animals. FREAKY they even have their own language. Anyway, your defenses on the death star destroyed like 1 billion X wings.

I'm dissapointed in you for doing that. Shame on you, now i don't care about your death star, i don't care about you, and i don't care about ANYTHING. Sorry, I over exaggerated. Please write back or i will hunt you and your death star down and DESTROY!!!!! P.S, i stole your light saber. P.P.S, who cares about princess Lea.
From, Luke Skywalker

Think about the trees that got cut down just to make paper. STOP CUTTING TREES DOWN PEOPLE!!!!! You may think you are helping by making paper but NO you are not. Also, the more paper that is made, the less trees there will be= less oxygen=less life. STOP MAKING PAPER! Only make it when you are out of it or you will be gone! You have been warned. NOW STOP MAKING PAPER!!!

Would you rather get a Ferrari or a Lamborghini?
Would you rather go to Hawaii or the Bahamas?
Would you rather have a million $ or get a job that gives you $5,000 each week?
Would you rather fall on a concrete bench or a wood bench?
Would you rather read a 1,000 page book or a 1,000 page picture book?
Would you rather use a pencil or a mechanical pencil?
Would you rather eat a 50 ft hot dog or a 50 ft hamburger?
Would you rather drink purple grape juice or white grape juice?
Would you rather sit in a recliner or an advanced recliner with no cup-holder?
Would you rather go to Dunkel or go to East?

Pipin Picked some Pears from his Pear tree in the Pear field.

Argument Essay Introduction Paragraph
Why would people cheat in school? What is the point of cheating? Why was it invented at school in the first place? If you know a person who is a slight cheater, tell him/her to stop cheating so he/she can get good grades in school.
Body paragraph #1
Here is a BIG reminder for why you should not be cheating in school. Caveon.com said that 80% of "high achieving" high school students admit to cheating, 51% of high school students did not think cheating was wrong, and almost 85% of college students said that cheating was necessary to get ahead. Stanford.edu said that about 20% of college students admitted to cheating in high school in the 1940's, today between 75 and 98 percent of college students surveyed each year report to have cheated in high school. For these reasons, you should not be cheating.
Body Paragraph #2
If you have not understood what this is about yet, this should tell you. According to the Josephson Institute of Ethics, among current high school students, 75% admit to cheating on homework,tests, and other assignments. 50% have cheated on exams during the past year, and 34% have cheated on more than 1 test. Pointloma.edu said that some people cheat in school because they don't ask for help when they don't understand something. Do you know what this is about yet? If you don't, you aren't paying attention.
Counter Argument and Turn Over
A high school student said that cheating is necessary to get ahead because you don't get caught. Another high school student said that if you are a trouble maker, the teachers will get suspicious if you are getting really good grades and you will eventually get caught. That leads to the principals office and detention for a week or more.
Conclusion Paragraph
If you were paying attention to this essay, you will know what this is about. If you do know what it is about, stop reading this, now. If you don't know what this is about, i will tell you. It is about, cheating in school. It is also saying that you should not cheat in school or there will be punishments. This is just information about why you shouldn't cheat in school. I will eventually make a part 2. BYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEE!

If I was Augest on the first day of school, I would be nervous. Why? Because I am deformed on my face AND I've had 27 surgeries. The worst surgeries were when I was ages 3-6. But now I'm in 5th grade and I have to face my fears. I already know Jack Will, Charlet, and Julian so, I should be okay. It wasn't okay for the first couple weeks but eventually, everyone got used to my face. I also got this teacher named Mr. Brown and he has a yellow beard. When I went in to his classroom, he said for us to try and define the word precept. It means to follow the persons rules. After we learned the word precept, Mr. Brown told us to write something about it. After that, Mr. Brown made his September Precept.