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Do you like waking up and hearing about someone that got killed by a gun? Well, don't! Everyone should have a gun.The reason why everyone should have a gun is for safety.Some people don't no how to use them the right way. That's why we need gun laws to keep people safe.

On Monday February 17 a mother and her three kids hered there door being kicked in.The mother warned the thugs that she had a gun.Then the thugs didn't not believe that mother had a gun so the thugs continued into the home, and then the mother open fire.After the mother opened fired one of the thugs had a hand gun and,then he tryed once agin and the mother fired again at thug.After all that drama the three home invaders got arested.

In Houston Texas a 15 teen year old boy and his 12 year old hered there house being brokeing into by two home invadors.Then the bother used his fathers AR15 to protect him and hid sister. Then the bother told the sister to hide and call the police.When the sister did that the bother went down stairs and shot both of the home invadors.