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R.I.P. Bubbles and Lulu

6 more days

Baby Beach Ball
One day there was a little tiny baby beach ball named Ballsy. All he wanted was to be a big beach ball because he never got played with because he was so tiny. One day somebody finally played with him and he got popped. Ballsy was devastated. He was thrown away because they thought he was useless. While he was in there,two mice found him and started fighting over him. In the process,they stretched Ballsy out so much that he was too big for them to carry home. So they left him. A couple days later, along came six raccoons, and they stretched him out even more.Ballsy was now too big for them to take him home! Then along came ten bears. They took him into the woods and fought over it so that they stretched him out even more! He was now too big for even the bears to take home! A boy named Bob's mom was hiking in the woods and found the beach ball where the bears had left it after taking it out of the trash can.She neatly folded Ballsy up and brought him home to Bob. He was delighted. He started fixing Ballsy up by putting duct tape on all of his holes. Then he put air into him. he had to deflate him and re-inflate him outside because he was too big to fit through the doorway. Once he got down to the pool he was pleased to find out that he was to biggest one there.All the other beach balls were jealous.

Personal Narrative:When I Got Bubbles and Lulu
The first time I ever saw my cute little baby hamsters, my friend was trying to kill them. Seriously. Let me back up to the beginning of the story because you're probably thinking what in the world is happening?

So, back to the summer before 5th grade.My friend had just gotten these adorable little hamsters named Bubbles and Lulu for her birthday.She was loving them until about a month after she got them.Then she told me "They are so smelly and they bite me and my friends all the time!" I figured out the solution to both of those problems,though. First of all, she wasn't cleaning the cage often enough, 2nd of all, she was holding them too near to their little mouths. She didn't care, though.She just wanted to get rid of them. about a month before school started, her mom took over hamster duty for almost the whole school year. Then, about the end of 5th grade,she fed them a little piece of chocolate, to try to get rid of them, and I finally had an idea of how to save them. Maybe I could take them!

"Mom! can I please have them!"
"Please!!!! I swear on my fish's graves that I will take super good care of them!!"
"NO!!!! You know I hate rodents!"
" If I don't take good care of them I'll clean the whole house, including the lawn and I'll pay you!!!!"

obviously,it took a ton of begging, but I did it! I convinced my parents to let me take care of them for the weekend.My friend said they were really hard to take care of, really hard to clean the cage and they would keep you up at night.I wasn't worried about them keeping me up at night because she is a really light sleeper. For cleaning the cage I tried it that one time and it was really easy. It turns out they aren't that hard to take care of. You just feed them once a day, let them have a little fun in the ball and clean the cage every week. After I took care of them for the weekend, it turned into a week,that week turned into a month,that month turned into 2 months, those months quickly turned into a year, and that's where I am today! And I and just about everyone that saw them last year are still loving my sweet,adorable,cute,and smart dwarf hamsters!


( Don't read if you are squeamish. Seriously.)
One morning I woke up and I wanted to check and see if my hamsters needed food( I don't remember the exact date because I was trying to suppress the memory but obviously it didn't work so I have to write it down) but anyway I saw Bubbles lying belly up on the ground next to their little house with what I naively thought was a red pepper on her chest. I went over to check it out because to my knowledge I hadn't remembered feeding them red pepper. It turned out Bubbles was dead and Lulu had been ripping open her chest. I ran out to tell my parents and my dad took care of the murder scene (Go Dad!!) While my mom tried to comfort me( It didn't help. You try seeing your favorite hamster out of the two get hurt, let alone dead.) Anyway, they wouldn't let me stay home and mourn Bubbles, so I went to school. When I got on the bus Randy was like are you okay ?cause of course Im crying a lot. and I was like no. and he was like why not and I'm like because Bubbles died and Lulu killed her! And I started crying more and I guess he felt uncomfortable because he was like oh. ok. And then we got to school and a whole hoard of kids surrounds me and it just makes me feel worse until Doc was like everyone go to their seats except for Elizabeth and like 3 other people. Then I went to the counseling office and the counselor started talking about her dog and she got tears in her eyes because it died like 10 years ago. I'm sorry if I sound rude in this but its a hard topic to talk about and people keep asking me about my hamsters.So, yeah. Oh, yeah Lulu got put to sleep at like the end of february.

Hyperbole letter

Dear Mary,
I'm so sorry I was late to your house! At first I said I could go right then, but then my mom told me I had to do a billion other things!!!! First I had to load the dishwasher. It was disgusting knowing that people's mouths might have touched the dishes right where I was holding them!! Then I had to wait so long for the dishwasher to be done. Wanna Know why? I had to unload it too!! I didn't even know where half of the things went!! Then I had to take this filter thing out of the dishwasher and scrub it clean!!! Then I had to load the dishwasher again!!

The second thing I had to do was clean my room and my hamster cage!!! First I did my room. Do you know how messy it is? Well,you probably do, you've been there with me a billion and one times!:) But anyway, it took so long because she made me vacuum it too! Then I had to make my bed and there were no sheets so I had to wait for them to be washed! Now I do my hamster cage. Do you know how time consuming that is? Well, never mind, you do because of that one week you hamster-sat. But anyway, I still had a ton of things left to do.

The last thing to do was clean the bathrooms. GROSS!!!!!!!!!! At least I only had to do the sinks though. Then the real problem began. My brothers came home they kept me home at least another 30 minutes wrestling with them. Then my mom finally consented to let me go to your house but it was too late. We were already 2 hours late and only had about 3 hours left. Next time I'll be 10 hours early, though!!!


Amari and Amanda amazed antelopes and abducted aardvarks

Burping barnacles burst and bubble as Bennett beats bob at baseball

Creepy cats crawl and cry as Connie creeps the circumference of a circle

Dainty ducks dumbly drank daffodil drink

Entertaining Elephants eagerly eat every enticing eccentric earthworm everyone examined

Fabulous Female fish fan fair fins in Florida
lame Larry llama likes laying in lakes

Grandpa Gus gets Goblins and Gargoyles to get Gus's garbage

Her Hair's hairband hit her hand hard

Ignorant iguanas ignore idolized icebergs as ice-fall imitates inchworms

jiggly jaguars jiggle Jim and johnny

Karen kangaroo can create kind crayons

lame Larry llama likes laying in lakes

molly may make monstrous macaroons

Nate needs new noodles

Oldster Octopi Ooze in order to order omelets

purple pandas paint polka dots prettily on pastel pink paper

queen quails make quilts

real reptiles run with rancid Ralph.

silly serpents sail and sell seashells on the sea

two tigers tango together to take the trophy

ugly unicorns use unboiled underwear

very vampish vixens eat vanilla veneers

Wendy was way wet on Wednesday

six foxes exit a mixer

yellow yams yak and yak

zany zebras zigzag in a zoo


"Hi! My names Jenny! Wanna be my new friend?" Wow. That was the most pathetic sentence in the history of sentences. But that's what I said to all the kids in my neighborhood.

Anyway,I just moved into the neighborhood a couple weeks ago and already I've managed to look like a complete dork. I wish i could go back in time and redo that! Oh well. No way that's ever going to happen. while I'm regretting that, I'm going to tell you a horrifying story about what happened to me last week, the first week i was here.

It was a dark and gloomy night. Well, not really, it was a beautiful sunny day, but it was still pretty scary. You'll see why soon. I was poking around in the attic, where there was still a lot of stuff, almost as if the family before us had left in a hurry.Well who wouldn't want to leave this boring town. While I was searching the attic, I found this beautiful locket. It was silver, with little yellow and pink flowers painted on. Inside, though was a picture of a very scary looking little girl. I could just take it out,though and put in a new picture of mine. Okay, nothing else interesting happens in the say, so lets speed up to nighttime. So, of course,I wasn't going to sleep, I was trying to get the picture out of the locket, when, apparently, I fell asleep. The girl whose picture was in the locket appeared to me saying,

"If you take my picture out of the locket, say goodbye to your little sister."

I woke up then, but dismissed it as just a nightmare, but i was horribly wrong. I proceeded to take her picture out of the locket and heard a horrible, sickening, little-girl-like scream.I dropped the locket and ran at light speed to my little sister's room. There was blood on her bed and she was gone!

"Mom,"I screamed,"Mom! Where is Carly! Where is Carly?"

"Honey, I don't have time for this nonsense. I'll come see you in the morning."

"Okay,fine,whatever"she was probably just picking a scab and is in the bathroom getting a band-aid, I muttered to myself.

I went back to sleep and heard the little girl again. " I told you! But don't worry, you'll find her."

And we did. One week later, dead in the alley.

But the girl still wouldn't leave me alone. She came back again that night.

"Haven't you done enough to me," I shouted, " You already killed my sister!"

"Oh, Heavens,no." Snapped the little girl," Not yet. This is only a fraction of the pain you will feel for what you did to me."

"What did I ever do to you?" I exclaimed.

The girl hissed" When you took my picture out of the locket, you killed me. It was my lifeline.The last thing keeping me alive! And you ruined it!!"

And that's when she shouted " Now you will see how I felt! Now you will see why I must haunt you and make you miserable!"

And that's when she blew the powder at me.I couldn't see or feel anything. I woke up on the floor of my room. Well, sort of my room,but not really. Everything looked new, like the house was just built or something, but still old fashioned. I got up and went around the whole house, and it all looked like my room. New, but old fashioned. That's when I caught my reflection in a mirror.

"Aaaaahhhh!!! I shrieked. I was the girl! The girl was me, but she was pretty, not creepy. Then who I'm guessing was her little sister waltzed in.

"Hey! What are you doing? Shouldn't you be out getting me a new dress?" I shouted.

"Calm down, Meredith! I already got it! The little sister said.


"The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants"- Johnny Depp. Animallegue.com says that 50% of pet owners would rather be stranded on a desert island with their pet, not another person. Don't you want your child to have that unconditional bond with something? That is why every child should have a pet.

There are so many good things about having a pet! You may be wondering, what do they do for me? The answer is a lot! According to pedigree.com, having a dog will make you feel good,have more self-esteem, less allergies (at least if you grow up with the dog!), and, of course, an increase in happiness and fun! But that's not all these small (or large) creatures do! Yahoo.com says that animals will give you unconditional love, you will be a better person, they will keep you entertained, and you will exercise more than usual. It's amazing all they do and you can't adopt at least one?

Have you ever wondered how many dogs have homes and how many are homeless? Humanesociety.org says that in America, there are 83.3 million dogs owned. That is so many, but could we make it a little bit more! According to dosomething.org, homeless animals outnumber homeless people 5 to 1. That is way too many! These poor animals are dying out there! We need to do something about that!

At first glance, pets may look like just another thing to take care of. But they mean so much more to a child. Their pet could be the only thing making them happy, or even their only friend!

Getting a pet will make both you and your pet happy, so why not? Getting a pet for your child (or yourself!) will make you less prone to being sick, raise your self-esteem and do so many other good things for you! Our future depends on our citizens having something to love and if it's not a human, why not get an animal? The simple question is: why not?

Question: How would you feel if you were Auggie starting school for the first time?

If I were Auggie starting school for the first time, I would be scared and nervous. I might request to wear a hat or some thing to cover my face. I would make sure to be extra friendly so people would not have a reason to make fun of me, but if they still did, I would confront them and ask why they make fun of me.


Have you ever wondered what natural resources come from Lithuania?Or even what Lithuania is?To answer your second question, Lithuania is a small country in Europe near Poland. Lithuania has a lot of Natural resources, but we are just going to focus in on a few of them.

My favorite natural resource from Lithuania is amber. Amber is an organic gemstone, which forms from the hardened resin of ancient pine trees.The hardening process of amber is called polymerization, which fossilizes the resin over many centuries and makes it hard and sturdy. Amber is formed from sticky resin,and commonly contains things that got stuck in the amber when it hardened. These inclusions are usually plants or insects,and the most well-known is mosquitoes. Amber with organisms inside are highly prized. Lithuanians say amber is like sunshine because it is warm to the touch and its colors are sunny. A tradition in Lithuania is to give an amber necklace to a child to prevent them from being kidnapped.
Amber is an organic gemstone, forming from the hardened resin of ancient pine trees. The hardening process of Amber is known as polymerization, which fossilizes the resin over many centuries and makes it hard and sturdy. Amber is formed from viscous, sticky resin, and therefore commonly contains inclusions that got stuck in the Amber and remained there when it hardened. These inclusions are usually of insects or plants, with the most well-known being mosquitoes. Amber with well-preserved organisms frozen internally are highly prized. - See more at: http://www.minerals.net/gemstone/amber_gemstone.aspx#sthash.pZAzNlwE.dpufTo Lithuanians, amber is known as sunshine because it is warm to the touch and its color is sunny(yellowy brownish color(It doesn't sound pretty but it is)). A superstition/Tradition in Lithuania is to give a child an amber necklace to prevent the child from being kidnapped.Amber can be made into everything from necklaces to violin bows.
Another natural resource is Limestone. Limestone is a rock made of at least 50% calcium carbonate, containing impurities like quartz, dolomite, clay, and Iron oxides. Limestone can be found in almost every color depending on what elements are combined with the calcium carbonate in the rock. Animals benefit from having Limestone in their diet so it is often added to their food. Another thing Limestone is good for is repairing and/or preventing roof damage.

Another natural resource is dolomite. Although dolomite can be found in both sedimentary and metamorphic rock it is rarely seen in metamorphic rock. Dolomite is both a mineral and a rock. The mineral is the pure form(all dolomite),and Dolomite rock is made primarily from Dolomite but also with impurities(other rocks) like calcite,quartz, and feldspar. Dolomite has many colors including colorless, white,gray, peach, pink, orange,and rarely yellow, green,red, and black.

The many Natural resources from Lithuania don't just end there, find out more on the interweb (yes, interweb, not net :). There are meny nore natural beauties to behold in Lithuania. Now I wonder what Natural resources are in Poland, right nextdoor?
Dolomite is both a mineral and a rock. The mineral is the pure form, and Dolomite rock is composed mostly of Dolomite but also with impurities such as Calcite, Quartz, and Feldspar. - See more at: http://www.minerals.net/mineral/dolomite.aspx#sthash.si0sqiuP.dpufDolomite is both a mineral and a rock. The mineral is the pure form, and Dolomite rock is composed mostly of Dolomite but also with impurities such as Calcite, Quartz, and Feldspar. - See more at: http://www.minerals.net/mineral/dolomite.aspx#sthash.si0sqiuP.dpuf