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Once there was a classsroom but it was wasnt your ordinary classroom

Personal Narrative

It was Christmas day, the snow had been falling last night and into the morning. I was sleeping in my bed when my dad came up stairs and said through our loud speaker "Wake up sunshine! It's Christmas!" and right when he said that I shot up, jumped out of bed and sprinted down the stairs and and ran into the family room and guess what was there! There was our normal Christmas tree and right next to it was a Christmas made out of all the Presents! I was amazed, it was the first time in my life that i have ever seen two trees in the same room! Then my mom came from the kitchen and gave me a big bear hug and a HUGE dog kiss, She said "Took you a while to get up! I thought you were going to sleep right through Christmas!" "Do you seriously think i would miss today!?" Sniff Sniff "What smells so good!?" "Our Christmas Honey Glazed Ham Of course!" She exclaimed I looked at the dining room table and sure enough there it was the most beautiful ham known to man kind!


Dear Mom,
So this is whats happening right now, dad won't listen to me and wont wright me back so i'm am coming to you. Wait did I just wright that? Ugh, who cares. The point is I want an iphone5 C and dad won't even listen!!!!!!! So Here are some of the reasons why i want an iphone 5 C


I woke up early in the morning one day and i was curious about my mom (as always) but there was another feeling in me, a feeling that I don't get very often anymore, and that feeling my friends was excitement. It was strange but I went on getting dressed, I put on my gear and went to the training field to practice with Luke (My best friend). "Good morning sunshine! How'd you sleep?"
"Better then usual but I still hear her in my dreams."
"We'll let's put that beside us and FIGHT!!!!" He swung his sword at me and I quickly parried his attack and swung back, he dodged my attack also. We practiced for a few hours and by then it was time for lunch at the dining hall. We got our food and sat at our table with our fellow brothers and sisters. Chiron stepped up at the podium and stated "We have a new comer he has been assigned to stay in the cabin of Poseidon. His name is Percy Jackson, and Grover will be his protector." A boy who was about the same age as me (13) with dark brown scrawny hair and was holding a pen. It must be rip tide from Hercules, I thought. He went over to Luke's table like an idiot but everyone pointed to the Poseidon table. Chiron spoke again this time more excitedly "We will be playing capture the flag today as many of you know and Percy here needs a team." Luke excitedly raised his hand "Will take him!" Was he mad? Even though I'm on red team and Luke's on blue team, once again I state: IS HE MAD!?!?!? Volunteering to take a new comer!?!? Well it's his team, after I had a somewhat delicious lunch I went to get prepared for capture the flag with the rest of my team. Chiron called us to the edge of the woods and explained the rules. "Capture the flag is a fun training exercise if I do say so my self, and the rules are simple, capture the other teams flag! You got that Percy?"
"Kind of, but..."
"THEN GET TO YOUR STARTING POSITIONS!!!!!" Chiron yelled. my team raced to one end of the woods while Luke's team went to the opposite end. I heard Chiron yell. "3...2...1...Begin!" I bolted to where we hid our flag. On the way there I heard Luke Yell. "Come on Percy I know where the flag is!!!!" All of the sudden I saw a glimmer coming at me, it was a sword I quickly dodged the attack and swung back. I hit their leg and they fell to the ground. I kept running towards my teams flag hoping I would beat Percy and Luke there. I Finally reached my flag, no one was there but me. YES!!!! I thought I hid in some near by bushes and waited. Oh I forgot to mention, Camp Half bloods version of capture the flag is with swords armor and helmets.

J AlliterationsJack jogs joyfully in July with Julie, Jamar, Jackie, and Jacob.
Johnny joins jack Jordan's jumping joint.
Jake Jaguar jumps on a Jackolope to join Jake's Jamboree
Jackie jumped with joy when she Juggled Jugs in the jungle
John joyed the joyrides he took in his Jaguar
January, June, July, begin with J
July is the Joining of Joyous summer and juvenile school

Come on almost too level 10! 12 x 11= hmm… oh yeah! 12 x 11= 132! YES!!!!!!!! I made it to level 10 now on to division! Wouldn’t you love to have that same joy while doing math?All kids need to be able to use technology in school because it will improve there learning skills.
Using Devices in school will allow kids to download school related apps.www.mathopenref.com says that Interactive simulations and illustrations can produce a much greater depth of understanding of a concept.This is an amazing opportunity for kids to higher their test scores. New York Times says that learning math using game apps has improved scores extremely.That means that playing games with math in it will allow kids to have fun learning!Using the apps on devices will affect student’s grades.
B.Y.O.D (Bring your own devices) will save schools money and time.Cisco says that schools save over $1,000 using B.Y.O.D.$1,000 can get schools books supplies and instruments. When we have all those extra things our school will get a lot more exciting.Cisco also says that teachers save 37 minutes a day with B.Y.O.D. instead of having to taking the time to pass out computers to the whole class. I know that with 37 extra minutes a day my class could get a lot more done.B.Y.O.D will help everyone in schools.
At first glance, it might seem that bringing technology in schools is a bad idea because kids will only be playing games, texting, and taking pictures.Nevertheless, the games could be educational, the texting could be for emergencies, and kids could be taking pictures of the board, notes, or their planner. Plus kids could be researching online.
All kids need to be able to use technology in school because it will improve there learning skills.Using devices in school will let kids download school related activities and it will save schools money and time. Everyone will benefit extremely by bring in devices.

Roman & Greek Gods

Have you ever heard of the Roman and Greek gods? They are very powerful and they represent different things. For example Zeus is the Greek god of the skies and he is the king of the gods. On the other hand his Roman version is named Jupiter. There are many differences between Roman gods and Greek gods; however there are many similarities.
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There are many things that Roman and Greek gods have in common. For example, both gods have the same powers and roles. Also, both Roman and Greek gods all had children with mortals, they were called Halfbloods (half mortal half gods). Furthermore, both versions of gods are both very old! I means like thousands of years old! Last of all Roman AND Greek gods answer mortal calls. When a certain symbol is drawn in the hall of a household when a family member is sick or hurt. The gods will answer the call and heal the mortal.
Now there are many differences between the two types of god. One thing is that the roman gods are much more aggressive and push for war more than the Greek gods. Another thing is obviously there names (see pictures above). They are technically the same god but with different names. Speaking of names Greek gods are actually named after a place or where they came from. Also turns out Roman gods originated from Greece! More specifically Greek gods are 1000 years older than Roman gods. Last but not least Greek gods are more about the looks and fashion while Roman gods are about Being strong and wise.
Although Roman gods are Greek gods, not everything about them is different. Some aspects of Roman gods will be alike to Greek aspects. Knowing about both Greek and Roman gods should make students be more interested in mythology.