I love my family like it fills up my heart and keeps me warm. They sing to me and kiss me good night.I love my family with all my heart,we will never fall apart. I love to draw and do pottery with my friends. The thing I love the most is god. I love vacation, for example like playing in the ocean, making a sand castle, and of course BOOGIE BOARDING. But I do like homework a little.

Other things I have in my heart are friends and swimming and gymnastics. It is the place to meet friends and make new ones. We go meat each other and leave that is the worst thing that would ever happen in our life. When you are away from your friends it is like a peace of your heart taken away from you. So don't leave your friends ever unless you don't have any friends well that will not even happen.These were the things I have in my heart.
When someone dumps you or leaves you, you need to just leave that peace behind and carry on with your life.
When it is close to winter in gets cold like a ice cube. When you see a rose pick it up and make a pose then you might turn into a rose. It is like a flower but with the power. Roses are red violets are blue guess what I love you. They are 100% of my life but my heart is like a cake and there are other peaces that are not my family they are friends.

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Once upon a time lived a kingdom named Enchancea. There lived a king and queen. The queen was about to have a baby but she was very sick. The guards went out in the village and in the woods. Then one of the guards found a magic flower. Then the guard yelled "we found it". So they brought it back to the kingdom and then put it in water so the queen could drink it. And after she drunk the powers from the flower she had a baby girl. And they named her Rapunzel. But on a cold night a old lady came and stole the baby and then she was gone. The kingdom searched and searched but they did not find her. But the old lady raised her. But a man named Eugenie Fistedherburt came and took Rapunzel back to her family. Then Rapunzel and Eugenie get married and live happily ever after. So on are wedding day we had cake and festable that lasted a entire week. But we had a little ring problem. So my horse Maxamus and Rapunzel's chameleon Pascal looked around the kingdom for the rings but every time they have the rings the rings get out of there hands. When both of them got back to the palace they were a mess so me and Rapunzel got married and then lived happily ever after. When Rapunzel had kids it was a mess and she has over 100,000,000 kids and she needs some help so she calls her friends all Disney prinesses and princes for some help and so they come to babysit the kids wile Rapunzel and Eugenie go out on a date. So the princes take care of the boys and the princesses take care of the girls. But thunder came and it was all Disney villons so the princes get there armor on and fighted there Villon from there movie. So all the Villon ran away in fear an everyone was happy. So all the princes and princesses cleaned up the house before Eugenie and Rapunzel get back and when they got back the house was clean and the kids were in bed and everyone said "good night good night thank you for coming in so palight we thank you so well that we all sleep...and then they slept till morning and said goodbye and all went home. We all had a good time and so will you with a rym.

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We are Serious and Scary

All Rapunzel's Friends and helpers

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all the disney villans

Dancing dragons in a dancing doll eating donuts with a diamond on top of a dog head with deer surrounding
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look who came to save the day.

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welcome summer!


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Argumentative essay

smokers smoke because there family does.
because there friends smoke.
smoking triggers there brain so they can never stop.
as soon as your buddy starts it never stops.
you will be really ugly and you will look like you are about to die.
The tobacco industry needs new customers to replace the 114,000 people who were killed by smoking in the UK each year.
in 10 seconds you can never stop again or ever.
you can litter by smoking by dropping it on the ground or in grass.
it makes you loose hair.
your skin starts to wrinkle and you start to look like you are 100 years old.
your are not the same person you use to be.
lots of people died from doing things related to smoking and smoking.
people who sell cigarettes should be put in jail or in court.
people start smoking when they are like 12-20 years old.

people in stores need to stop selling cigars and stuff that can kill you. Smoking is a really bad thing for people and for earth. Smoke can affect you even if you are not smoking because you are breathing in the dirty air and that can and could kill you.
Many people don't quit smoking because they think it's too hard. People smoke because most of there family does and there friends do. People smoke for a reason and that reason is that they want to be like there friends and family. People need to stop now or soon enough they with get sick and die. When you smoke these are the things that happen to you when you smoke.

3:03 AM (in 20 minutes): Your heart rate drops.
  • 2:43 PM (in 12 hours): The carbon monoxide (a gas that can be toxic) in your blood drops to normal.
  • Aug. 14, 2012 - Oct. 31, 2012 (in 2 weeks to 3 months): Your heart attack risk begins to drop and your lungs are working better.
  • Aug. 31, 2012 - Apr. 30, 2013 (in 1 to 9 months): Your coughing and shortness of breath decrease and your lungs start to function better, lowering your risk of lung infection.
  • Jul. 31, 2013 (in 1 year): Your risk for heart disease is half that of a smoker's.
  • Jul. 31, 2017 (in five years): Your risk of having a stroke is the same as someone who doesn't smoke.
  • Jul. 31, 2022 (in 10 years): Your risk of dying from lung cancer is half that of a smoker's. Your risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidney, and pancreas also decreases.
  • Jul. 31, 2027 (in 15 years): Your risk of heart disease is now the same as someone who doesn't smoke.
We need to stop smoking as fast as we can and stay away from other people or they will die will breathing smoke or stay away from people and living things.
When your pregnant smokeing can kill your baby while it is still in you tummy.

TOPIC: Cigarettes should not be sold in stores and should be illegal


Each year, the Center of Disease Control says that about 443,000 people die from smoking or from breathing secondhand smoke, and another 8.6 million live with a serious illness caused by smoking. There are about 10 million people in the state of Michigan, so that would be like almost everyone in the state of Michigan either dying or having a serious illness from smoking. That’s a LOT of people! Cigarettes and any other smoking product should not be sold in stores and should be made illegal.

ARGUMENT: why smoking is bad and should illegal


When someone becomes a smoker, they begin a bad habit that they will have their whole life until it kills them. It is not easy to quit once you start because your body gets attached to the chemicals in the cigarette. Most people who smoke start smoking when they are 12-20 years old, so they smoke for a long time if they smoke their whole life. So starting when smokers are young, they are rotting their body and their lungs. Smoking causes cancer of the lungs, mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidney, and pancreas. It also cause heart disease, stroke, and many other health problems. Smokers die from these diseases that are caused by smoking. So, cigarettes should never be sold in stores and smoking should not be allowed because it kills people.


Smoke can affect everyone around the smoker even if you are not smoking because you are breathing in the dirty air and that could kill you. Secondhand smoke is the smoke that a smoker passes on while he or she is smoking. Secondhand smoke mostly passes on to children who have parents that smoke. This causes asthma, cancer, ear infections, pneumonia, and many other problems for children, and can even kill them. Also, when a woman is pregnant smoking can kill or hurt the baby while it is still in her tummy. It also hurts animals that live with smokers. Smoking can kill or make people or animals sick even when they are not the ones who smoke, which means it is not their fault but it is killing them anyway. Anything that kills innocent living things should not be made or sold or allowed.

COUNTER-ARGUMENT: why I understand that it would be hard to make smoking illegal

Some people claim that smoking is good for them, or they can’t stop smoking, so it can’t be made illegal. But smoking is not good for anyone, and doctors are able to help people stop smoking. In addition, the tobacco industry makes many billions of dollars every year selling tobacco, and almost all of it is with cigarettes. They will want to keep selling cigarettes so they can keep getting more money. But, the American Lung Association says that it costs more every year to take care of sick smokers than the tobacco industry makes every year. It does not make sense to use money to buy cigarettes since it will cost more to go to the doctor when you get sick from smoking.


What is the problem with smoking?

What does it does to a smoker that is bad?

What does it do to people near smokers that is bad?

What should be done to fix this problem?

Smoking can kill the smoker and even nonsmokers and make them all very sick. Smoking causes cancer and heart disease and lots of different problems. When a parent smokes their kids and pets can breathe in the smoke and still get cancer, heart disease, and rotted lungs even if they don’t smoke. People who sell cigarettes should stop because it can kill lots of people whether they are smokers or not. Making, selling, or even using cigarettes should be illegal because they are so deadly to people and living things.

Auggie felt really shy and scared that people would make fun of him and never be friends with Auggie.