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First Enderdragon Sighting part 1

first enderdragon sighting
first enderdragon sighting

The first time I saw an Enderdragon. I was surprised I had never seen such a creature. it had spawn only a few blocks away from my house. it looked like something I could kill with an iron sword. But when I hit it started flying around destroying everything in its path(including my house) . so I took everything I needed and fled my destroyed house to a forest biome near my house and started to mine I found a bunch of iron and coal but no diamonds so I made a furnace made iron armor iron tools. Finally I was ready to slay the beast that destroyed my home!

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Hyperbole letter
From The Creeper To Steve

Dear Steve,

I'm ever so sorry. I did not mean to blow up on you. was just trying to help you find and mine diamond. but when you punched me away from the diamonds. i thought you were being greedy. so i decided if i don't get any of the diamonds then you don't get any diamonds so then i blew up. we both died.
sincerely The Creeper

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Hi guys I just got back from Disneyworld. So I figured some of you guys would like to here about my trip. First I'm gonna talk about my 2 favorite parks Epcot and magic kingdom. On are first day we woke up and went to get breakfast almost everyone in are resort was there which meant the bufay line would be long... So when I finally got my food which was 2 adult sized waffles with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and more whipped cream!!! Once I done eating we boarded a bus to Epcot! When we got to Epcot we went to a ride called mission space( you take a trip to mars)! One of the best rides in Epcot in my opinion! (If you do not like inclosed spaces I would not recommend this ride) I will not spoil the ride for you but after the ride, we went though the exit do into a room filled with games, structures to climb in, and best of all mission control (space race). It takes up half the room. So what you do is you walk in the gate there are a bunch of computer like machines you have to go on them choose the language then you have to fix all the problems and send them up to the ship first before the other team does first one back to earth wins. but that's not the only ride we went we also went on sourin, test track, and we also visited a bunch of popcorn stands thanks to my little brother who can't seem to get enough popcorn

From Steve To The Wither Boss

Dear Mr.Wither

I'm truly sorry for dumping all my poor old sheep in your realm(the nether)but those sheep were so annoying and i thought you could use some wool i mean come on in the nether there's no place for you to respawn in case you die. although how was i supposed to know you had allergies to wool no wonder you stay away from the grasslands. but you still need to apologize for what you did to let me remind you on what you did...

ALLITERATIONS with the letter M

minecraft mining mail makes a monster malfunction

Maccabees make the move to checkmate the king

Argumentative essay.I think that animal testing should stop!

Imagine that your are a newly born kitten bred for testing a new medicine against cancer. Your slammed into a cage with needles poking and prodding and then everything went black! Three reasons animal testing should stop is because smugglers are always taking pets from there beloved owners but when people catch them they are not doing anything against the law.😿

i think that all living organisms are works of God and should be treated equally. and we should not think ourselves above them.

i understand why you think animals should be use for testing medicine used for cancer,chromes disease,and all those other sickness but testing these poor creatures is just wrong. i mean how many time have you ever not wanted to do something but are forced to. animals feel the same way except for that they don't have a choice either way and then most likely in the next hour killed how can you people live while these beautiful creature suffer and DIE while you just sit their drinking coffee waiting for the outcome when you know that its gonna die anyway!

Right now, millions of mice, rats, rabbits, primates, cats, dogs, and other animals are locked inside cold, barren cages in laboratories across the country. They languish in pain, ache with loneliness, and long to roam free and use their minds. Instead, all they can do is sit and wait in fear of the next terrifying and painful procedure that will be performed on them.that is only one tiny piece of info about the subject.

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</spanInformation essay the holocaust concentration camps Paragraph 1 is in Microsoft word

Holocaust Concentration Camps


====== The holocaust was a dark time. 6.5 million Jews were killed, 2 million were children, war is not a thing to be overjoyed with. Concentration camp is where Jews were forced to do labor. In one of the worst camps, a scientist by the name of Josef Mengele (the angel of death)he was your worst nightmare in living flesh!! The Holocaust has been one of the darkest times in our history.

Body Paragraph 1

A concentration camp is a horrible place where the Jews were kept and they killed about 3million Jews in those camps 1million were children. In concentration camps Jews were forced to do labor. How would you feel if you were striped from your identity forced to do labor and then killed that is one reason why we do not want anything like this to happen again.

Body Paragraph 2

Josef mengele is the meanest man you will ever meet, was a Nazi scientist who conducted experiments on Jews in a gas chamber after the war he fled from the camp knowing he would be captured and killed. He managed to evade capture for the rest of his life but drowned swimming off the Brazilian coast

body Paragraph 3

the way the holocaust started... a man by the name of Adolfo Hitler was a evil natiz general who hated jews and would kill to drive them out of the state so he started a world war 2(the holocaust) and built concentration camps. anyone who stood against him was hung or shot but when everything was lost the Americans and helped us kick Hitlers bottom!

Conclusion paragraph

So now you know why we never ever want something like this to happen again
Now that Hitlers dead and the war over as we chased the germans out of Israel and live peacefully but what is up next for the Jews who will be included in world war 3 when it comes? What will the Jews do to defend their Territory who will fight with the jews? What if the Americans are threatened by war will the Jews defend them?