I remeber the time when i went to the bahamahs and stayed at the atlantas resort for to weeks it was beutiful

but the only bad thing is they charge you FOR EVERYTHING me my mom mym brother and dad went to a resturuant 240$ four 4 hamburgers and 15% gardatuda gradatudat who cares what the word is they just charge you 20 extra dollars for nothin but one night every one was tired i snook out when they were sleeping so i took the room key and left iwent to the moveis got popcorn wachted a dolphin show and listen to some guy sing jazz and the last day we saw michal bublay sing. BYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY


twas, the night before christmas and all through the house you couldent hear a peep not even the sqeek of a mouse!
im sleeping up stairs then a boom i hear so i walk down staires with a bat an i SEE.........A really big guy eating my cookies like hello bro those are my cookies get your own."Im sorry little boy i didnt no".What who you calling little old man who are you any way"."im santa who do you think".sana who now.....................TO BE CONTUINED


"Dude just get out of my house"."naa im good right here"All of a sudden my friend victoria text me and it turned out my phone was right next to the old coot.awwwww what does it say i said.I miss you. hamza and victria sitting in a tree K I S S I NG.How old are you three.maybe.DUDE SEREIOSLY its 3 o,clock in the morning. okay the fat man said he jumped out the window and he fell down a well.that was a merry christmas byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

5 years later please will someone give me a twinkie im soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
hungry. And his wish came true its a christmas meracile.

,Dear docter oc...

Im sorry for destroying your 1 million dollar project. But seriously 6 arms its not nautrule. And you used them for no good you should,ve joined a arm wrestling thing or something. I bet you would be great at it. And you also tried to hurt my Gramma. That really did,nt help. And you tried to hurt marry Jane and that made me mad. So next time you try to hurt someone try a gummy bear or something. and plus you kinda creep me out those things control your brain. Yours truly your friendly neighbor hood spider man

lyla likes to live in louisiana and licks lollipops while watching lalaloopsi and likes playing leep frog with lions.....


kids should not have facebook because adults may post inappropriate content.Kids might see it. 5 out of 10 kids have face books they might post there address or worse.
Some kids might meet some one on a game and may give out personal information and are not who they say they are.

But on the other hand it could give kids an experience of the world they can learn culture and see exciting new things.

I know cause i have one. It can be a good educational experience for kids or a accident waiting to happen.

A boy named john took a picture of me in class and said hes going to do bad things to it and post it on Facebook im terrified of what will happen. So i tell my parents and they say hes very ingnerant.

7.5 million users are under 13 as it is.Facebook is a popular social network, on the surface it doesn't seem dangerous.

In ideal circumstances it would be a great place for children to stay in touch with their family and interact with friends.

But in the world of pedofila child harmful information and many other socially unacceptable behaviors, the question is obvious:
Is Facebook safe for our children? What do you think.


Hi im Ash Ketchum im a Pokemon trainer hears my Pokemon pikachu im going to become the greatest Pokemon trainer ever. Im in the KLAOS league the water city.I wonder what new Pokemon well catch along the way lets go. where half way there buddy. Rustle rustle whoa hold on what was that frokie pikachu look a frokie lets catch it. pikachu use thunder bolt wait. Huh who said that.Me whats the big idea trying to catch MY Pokemon. Oh sorry i didn't know. im ash im Myles this is frokie. pikachu whoa iv never seen one of those before.so what brings you to KLAOS im here to get my 5th gym badge. Whoa you have 5. Yeah. im kinda lost do you know the way yeah follow me



Hi im ash im myles this is frokie pikachu.

so when do we get there in about 1 hour cool. So ash how did you get so many badges well i count on pikachu and he counts on me hes my best friend i don't no what i would do without him same with frokie myles said. Were hear wow this place is huge hey look a chespin i want to catch it go pikachu. use thunder bolt chespin dodge it woah who said that me chespin speed bomb chespin ppikachu use quick attack pika pika pikaaaa chu.chespin look out ches.Hey whats the big idea attacking me i dont even know you. Oh im sorry i thought he was wild oh sorry. I'm Miranda this is chespin we no. hes really fast. i know he gets that from me where can i get one. Oh you cant hes one of the three pokemon you start with. oh man i wanted one really bad. sorry. i started with frokie myles said.oh loo where hear i said with excitement. myles said i can wait to battle the water gym leaders myles said lets go. ok go frokie. go blastoise use water gun. dodge it. use scratch blastoise counter it with razor shell frokie look out. whoa whats happening hes evolving into frogadier........

Whoa hes evolving into frogadier...

frogadier use water gun direct hit is down myles and frogadier win the battle.............


i would say the only reason im different
because you choose to see me that way.

i like licking lollipops and squirles AND BARBER SHOP POLES AND I REALLY SMELL LIKE DOG BUNS