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The US and South Korea are 2 different places. with them being across the world, there's a difference in their technology. However, there are similarities as well.

American and south Korean technology have many similarities, For example, they are both working on drones for the military. Also, they are both modifying Xbox to do bigger and better things. Both places are enhancing robot technology. South Korea has miniature robots that can control themselves, and so does the U.S.

There are also differences between them. If robots are created then they were created to do things. The U.S has a robot named Darwin-OP (Dynamic Anthropomorphic Robot With Intelligence- Open Platform) that can do human things like kicking a ball. But, South Korea has robots that can dance like humans and can do more things.

Although tech in the us is different from tech in south korea, not everything is different. Some aspects of technology in both places may seem familiar.

super story!!

Blake Calvin was standing behind a group of scientist him and the rest of the team calls The Whitecoats. They were showing them a view of the earth from a distance for a mission. It was nothing he seen before, and he explored ancient jungles, ran from tigers, went through ninja training, and fought bad guys almost every day. But this one time, he didint know what to do.

Behind him was Lauren Alexander, Eric George, Sarah Helmsworth, and above him was Jackson Cross.
All of them had special powers. Blake can tap his head and a holographic image would show if he is connected to survalliance cameras. Lauren can turn invisible, Eric has telekinises, Sarah can go anywhere and not make a single sound, which is helpful on stealth missions. Jackson can stick to any surface.

"So whats going on? This is our day off!" Eric complained. Their leader, Brand, a former agent of the team, was standing in front of them. "A resigned agent has caused chaos in the city. He used a ray machine to steal from banks, and is now trying to blow up Mars" He said. "Not to be a downer, but we're all 12. Can't you get the CIA or FBI or something?" Asked Sarah. Brand spoke up. "No, we can't. You're all special trained agents, but for this, you're going to need extra training." The team nodded their heads except Jackson. "Like what? It can't be different from all other training. This is a joke! Lets just go to the bank, find the guy, and boom! Problem solved. What do you want us to do? Kick training dummies and practice stealth attacks?" Brand grabbed a remote and half of the the room flipped over and a rocket ship took its place. "This is serious, Agent J. Now, do you happen to know what size space suit you wear?"
to be continued

Personal Narrative 2
I went to Virginia this summer for a family reunion. It was really cool and they had really nice weather. We stayed in a Hotel. Before we went there, my mom told me about a place there called Busch Gardens. She said it was a theme park. We decided to go on a nice day. The drive there took around 40 miniutes. While driving, we went under a tunnel. My dad said we were under water! I didint believe it at first, but when we came up, I saw the body of water we were under. It was really cool. After a while we got there and there were things like lot E and lot A but under the writing was things like Irish and stuff. We eventually got there, and started walking around. Roller coasters almost as high as the clouds in the sky towered over us.We heard loud yells of joy as they rumbled of speed. We rode roller coasters that were named things like the Loch Ness. After a while we went to a musical and it was entertaining. I got Dippin Dots and frozen lemonade! We decided to eat somewhere, and the theme of the park was different cultures. There was an Italian side, also. I saw people eating Pizza. There was this ride called Escape From Pompeii. I think thats how it was spelled. It was a log water ride that when you go down the slide youd get soaking wet. We got in the log and gears pushed it up the ramp and when we got inside it was dark. Then all of a sudden fire flew up from the floor!!! We all felt the heat of it. Then a statue almost fell on us! Fire burned from the side of the walls. Soon we saw a light and before we knew it, we were free falling sitting in a log with seats, into a pool of water.
SPOOLSH we all got splashed with water! We went on tons more of roller coasters. We heard music and it turns out, Scotty McCreery, who was a country singer, was performing! We didint go to the concert, but we saw a little and heard a lot. We also saw a show where people were doing something fast with their feet. People with instruments like Snare Drums and Flutes were playing songs. It was cool. Soon it was time to go. I had a great time!

Pesonal Narrative

WOOSH! I heard the rush of the plane as it took off. I was headed to New Mexico. As we passed over it, we saw desert and plants. there were lots of buildings but the area looked calm. I was visiting. I felt the heat of New Mexico as I exited the airport. Waiting for us was my Grandma Sheryl and Grandaddy Murry. We loaded the suitcases in the trunk and set out to their house. "Hey Kendall girl!" My grandma said as we drove through the beautiful area. We drove up a huge hill with a trail called Rainbow Road. We all got out the car, and My dad and Grandad took out the suitcases. My mom and grandma went inside. They have a big house on the top of a hill. Now my great grandmas and uncle are staying there for a bit. If you go outside, you'd see mountains of red rock. In the backyard, there are all kinds of wild animals, like the time they saw a snake slithering around and a wolf or coyote trotting along the landscape. I only been there twice, one time when i was around 3, and another for my 10th birithday. On my 10th birthday, they showed me all around New Mexico.

We traveled through New Mexico and visted the school my grandad subsitutes and my grandma works as a councler. They took me to the science mueseum once, and it was really cool. I got a magnetic man from the gift shop. Its a green guy made out of rubber and it has magnets on his arms and legs so he can stick to anything metal, so whenever I see it, it reminds me of New Mexico and my grandparents.

Dear, Elf number 359
I do not belive one word you have said in your letter. The ground is not shaking, there is no sand in my factory, and there is no palm tree growing on your head. If you want a challenge, try writing a letter and steering reindeer at the same time.
I ride in pitch black, climb into chimneys to deliver presents, and i have to worry about a kid spotting me. And trust me, trying to resist warm, soft cookies and refreshing milk on a cold winter night is impossible. I have the hardest job there is to have. What if its warm in the place im delivering presents at? i end up wearing this giant, jolly suit and heavy boots for nothing. Have you ever had to haul around 7 billion presents like scooters, skateboards, and Xbox's on your back?
Don't get me started on Rudolf! He's a good reindeer and all, but he and his red nose gets all the glory. And what am i? A guy in a red suit with a belly full of jelly going into peoples homes and eating their cookies. Hardly anyone knows the name Santa Claus! My job is the hardest ever!
Sincerely, St. Nick
Dear, Santa
Let me just cut to the chase. We need you. Okay, I need you. I know its just one night, but your factory is falling apart! The roof is caving in from snow, and the rest of the Elves are wrestling! I feel the ground moving and the lights are flicking on and off! it must be a snow avalanch! And nobody seems to care! Almost everything is broken! This is a disaster! Please help! This place is falling apart! I wish i had your job! OW! One of the elves just kicked me! We need your help!
If you dont come quick, the whole factory is going to fall down! I feel a tornada coming! No, a hurricane! I feel the smooth floors turning into sand, the snow outside disapearing, and i feel a palm tree growing on my head! we're in the North Pole! Please come, Santa. I mean, how long does it take to deliver presents all over the world? Hurry!
Okay, Santa. This is it. The Elves finally noticed and decided to go out there in the storm! If you ever need them to demonstrate how to avoid a storm, you're doomed. The ground is shaking more and more, the sand is getting softer and softer, and the palm tree on my head is growing bigger and bigger! Please Santa! Hurry!
Sincerely, Elf number 395

Couragous cougers count cake crumbs
Countless cars come to canada
The Cobras got cavities from coffee and caught cramps
Chinchillas and Cheetahs challenge chalk
The Cheetahs catch chatty chimps
Condors cause chaos in the choir
The champs chains charm china
Cheap Chickens chomp chewy chum
Imagine you wake up and can’t find your family. You get lifted up and see a big needle....then everything gets blurry...and you wake up. Well animals all across the U.S. can’t wake up. For them its reality. Mice, rats, birds, fish, frogs, dog’s, cats, rabbits and other animals are used to test medicine, drugs and more.

Animal Testing is Animal abuse, wrong, and should be stopped. 65,000 Primates each year in U.S and Europe are being tested. According to DoSomething.Org, around 100 million animals are crippled, poisoned, burned, and abused in labs in the U.S each year.

If someone was testing on an animal, it passed the test which means its officially ready to be shipped out to stores in the public, but it doesn’t work. It would be a waste of money for the labs, the people who buy it, and would cause the animal to die or be suffering through life due to being hurt internally and/or externally.

In addition, VivisectionInformation.com says that 92 percent of drugs passed by animals fail when first tried on humans because they are dangerous, useless, or both. The estimate of mice and rats used in 2001 is 80 million in the U.S, and Scientist even developed alternatives to animal testing, but it’s the law in some states to test all medical drugs on animals before use.

I understand that people think its good if it helps saves lives, which is true, but most animals lives shouldn’t be wasted on skin care products if they’re just going to get recalled half of the time.

Animals can also have stress and that could interfere with the experiment, messing up the product, and waste money. Therefore, Animal Testing should be banned in the U.S, or at least in more states.

If I were August going to school for the first time i would be scared because i wouldnt know what people would think of me but not be scared or too shy to go.