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First day of school in Kasham!

I got into the classroom and looked around and saw a few people i knew and then i saw i had my 2 bff's in my class and Doctor Shamey said "you may choose where you sit so i sat by Maeve and Miranda and we talked then we w

here givin directions to sit at the carpet and she said were gonna go around the carpet and introduce yourself and share something fun you did this summer. When it was my turn i had butterfly's in my stomach and then i shared what i did and the rest of the day was great and I couldtell it was gonna be a great year.
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All about Lauren Lucgjonaj!
My name is Lauren Lucgjonaj my fifth grade teacher was Mrs.Briggs. my favorite color is aqua! My favorite food is Steak with peas and corn and garlic bread. I am obsessed with Converse and cloths! i have 2 younger siblings Rachel and Christopher! i play soccer, tennis , and I love to run! this summer i went up north, My family and i drove 10hours to NYC, i went to Italy and visited France! #pretty#so fun# family#never forget.

I've always wanted to go to Atlantis! one of my top priorities is to swim with a dolphin and go scuba diving to around a coral reef! I think it would look like fall and sping colors mixed together like red,brown,pink,blue and others and I there will be like 200 fish

This Is A Fun Thing to do at Starbucks with you friend its called the (Starbucks reaping)

You get what your friend wants and your friend gets what you want and they say whats the name? and you say prim everdean and when they call the name you say "No i volunteer as a tribute" and thats the starbucks reaping!

This Summer I drove 11 aginizing hours with my crazy family. TO N.Y.C. I woke up at 3:30am! but I litterally jumped out of bed. We said are good byes and then hit the road. Four hours later we FINALLY got breakfest I got a cappicino and a breakfest sandwich from Starbucks. Then........... We where off!we drove and drove for hours and hours. I was gonna litteraly EXPLODE!!! my sibling where yelling ARE WE THERE YET!?! and my dad was focusing on the road while my mom was looking at a map and the G.P.S I wanted to sleep but noooooo. So then I hooked up the T.V's stuck in head phones and they where quite! I grabbed a pillow and fell asleep for 2 hours and when I woke up my siblings where dead asleep then I asked "how long have they been sleeping?" and my mom said "about an hour and a half". Then we took a rest stop and good cuz I was starving we got gas and we went to penera and I got a bacon turkey brovo sandwich and it melted in my mouth and then........ We were off AGAIN! We were in Pennsylvania for about 2 hours and then came New Jersey and then we hit the New York border!!! ^-^ I was soooooooo happy! only a half an hour to go!!! then we finally got to my aunts house!!!! HALLILUJA!!! :)

by: Lauren Lucgjonaj ^-^


Dear Mr.BiggsBee

I would just like to let u know I tryed to get along with Jerry I absoutly tried! He drove me CRAZY! I wanted to pull the hair out of my head! I have suffered so much this past week! His behavior was SO horrible! I bet you wanna know what happened. Ok I will tell you. This is how it all went down...

Ok 1st he cleaned out the refrigerator and left me a crum to live on for a week! He "accedently" Pulled tricks on me constantly. Here you want to hear an examlpe? ok I will tell u one. He slapped the window on my hand, Made a pack of WILD dog attack me and then He DESTROYED the house and of course I had to Clean it up. IT TOOK ME HOURS NO MORE HOURS APON HOURS. I am egzasted. He threw a party and threw me out! LITTERALLY!!!

Jerry might say differently but this is 100% true! No lie what so ever! I really need you to come home as soon as possible. Like maybe now? If you really Love me you will come and you will see how much suffering I have done. Please Please Please come home I beg of you!

-Your egzasted and suffering Cat
~Thomas BigsBee

All About Me.
My name is Lauren Lucgjonaj. I was born in Southfield Michigan in September 8th 2002. My family is originally from Europe. I have a mom a dad and two younger siblings Rachel, and Christopher. I'm the oldest. My favorite colors are blue and purple. I love to play soccer and hang out with my friends. Oh and go shopping with my mom! I have. I have 6 aunts and 5 uncles. From my parents side I have 14 cousins. I've been all around the world I've been to... New York, California, Hawaii, New Jersey, Pennsylvania , Canada , Italy, France. The place I want to go are London, Australia, and Switzerland. My Best Friends are Maeve, Alexis , and Caroline And Miranda.

Lucy Lizard got a Juicy Bracelet at Lucky's locks in Livingston square

Can you imagine waking up to an amazing breakfast? Eggs and bacon, yum. Well some kids don't have time for breakfast so they depend on their snack, yet some teachers ban snacks, saying it will help but it doesn't. All you have is a bunch of grumpy 6th graders and we all know their impossible for anyone to handle.

Our constitution insures domestic tranquility. I know what you may be thinking, but our snacks make us tranquil. How can this class be more tranquil, when we have been deprived of our snack break. Our society is based on many freedoms, and one of those freedoms is our choice to choose what we want to eat. You should not hold our personal choices against us, because our current choices, right or wrong will help us become better choice makers in the future. we will have to pay the consequences of are choice, that is what a free society is all about. By your actions, you are depriving us of our freedoms and in turn not allowing us to make possible mistakes that we could learn from. In the present oppose to the future.