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My Summer...
This summer was crazy, well there are always ups and downs... well here is my up part,I went to a Kelly Clarkson concert and guess what I won a signed guitar!!! Its electric and awesome now I have two guitars ones electric and ones acoustic( : Then there's the downs ya well my dog Smudgy isn't so smart and she was sniffing through the bushes and there was a skunk...well my dog doesn't know the difference of a skunk and a dog so she was so happy to see another so called "dog", and she was wagging her tail and sniffing the skunks butt and the skunk sprayed smudgy and she came inside my house and she literately stunk up the house and she was only in the house for three seconds before my dog was back outside getting washed but the worst thing is that she got sprayed in her face and we can`t wash her face so we just had to use dryer sheets and we wrapped in around her collar and now smudgy doesn't stink so that's a good thing.Well the rest of the summer was playing softball and tanning on the beach.

How I Started Softball

I started softball after my brother quit baseball.Like most people I started in little league and once I swung all the way around...literally and I just kept playing from there and I gradually got better from there.Once I was 8 I tried out for a travel team and I got excepted!!!So i started to play year round and from my first team " the wildcards" helped me get to a higher level team "the stealth"

My Cottage

"SWOOSH,SWOOSH the waves roared as I woke up. As I walked down the stairs the outraging smell of the crispy croissants filled the fresh air. I ate my scrumptious croissant,and well I ate it my mom heavily whispered,"get your rain boots and your jacket on". As I started to ask why she answered,"were going to books and beans to get hot coco, and a latte. Later that day we walked around and got presents for my cousins that live in Colorado. Anyways, my feet were tired of walking around in my size 3 rain boots (1 size too big). Also I guess I should have mentioned this before but it was rainy, windy day. As the waves toppled over the peer I stood there and watched, I felt lucky just to see that or be the an the waves were bigger than they have been in the course over the whole summer. Kincardine is a place with lots of trees, sand. Every morning and evening there's sunset and sunrise over the water. Though in my opinion the town is the best part, besides the beach, I love the town the most is because the people.With that there's so much more... the town is small and cozy and every Saturday night at 8:00 there's a pipe band that i get to watch oh and there's also a car show on Thursday that has old cars drive around and show off. Did you hear that now kincardine has a DQ!!!!! like omg.

Hyperbole letter...

Dear Maeve,
I completely understand where your going with all of this homework stuff, and it is hard but hey what could you do its not like you'll wake up one day and there will be no homework for the rest of the year!!!Just flow with it everyone's gonna have to do a lot of homework every once in a while. Let me give you a tip just do it on the bus!!! Its as simple as tying your shoe : )

Anyways, if you think Mr. kassab's homework is hard just you wait until 7th grade, we might not get as much homework but let me tell we get a lot harder homework but I'm not gonna give you anymore tips.

Back to what I was saying before you have to get smarter had it will help you.


Icey Iceskaters Inched In Inches of Iceing with Issues of Icons on Ipod

why should children have snacks in class?

The scorching sharp pain in my stomach. The class gets boring and dull. All I hear is blah... blah... blah... My head is throbbing with a terrible headache. I can't learn like this. EVER!!! Most kids rush out the door before they have a healthy breakfast with enough protein in it. Kids will need a small snack to last them until lunch. Snack should be allowed for many different reasons and for many different ways.

According to livestrong.com a snack between meals prevents hunger major hunger pangs and gives your child the energy boost they need to keep studying, playing, and working hard. This helps children pay attention in class and will limit the class getting tired and falling asleep. Women's health magazine implies that you should aim to eat every 3 to 4 hours.By eating a snack between breakfast and lunch students can better focus on their learning,versus their stomachs.

In addition, healthy snacks will provide the nutritional energy that Kasham students will need to last until lunch. Healthyeating.sfgate.com reports that snacking helps keep you from becoming overly hungry in between meals, and then overeating at your next meal. Children should not be watching the clock for lunch, instead of trying to finish their paper so it's not homework. Also, livestrong.com, says that food turns into glucose in the body. Glucose gives your body and brain energy that you need to run throughout the day, just like a car runs on gas. If children can't get food in their system, they won't be able to develop and grow.

It's true that unhealthy snacks, like Cheetos and Doritos, may not help the learning process, even so, children should not be more focused on their stomachs than their school work.

In conclusion, healthy snacks will help Kasham kids keep our heads off our desks, keep us concentrating, and help us look more like a 6th grade class, rather than a kindergarten class.

If I were Auggie would not want to go to school because people would stare and would wonder what happened to my face. Honestly, I would be depressed, scared, and upset. Though the only reason is because of my face not because of what other people would be scared for. Like, who would be in my class? Is my class gonna be hard? However my fear questions would be, will I have any friends? Will I be bullied about my face? Will people insult my braid?

Compare/Contrast Essay

The music is swirling through me and the beat is going so fast but I have to keep watching.
In my eyes I don't see much difference between two things but when it comes down to Irish dancing and hip hop i can pick out EVERYTHING. Hip hop and Irish dancing are so different however they have SO MANY things that are alike.

Irish dancing and hip hop have many similarities.
For example both of them have very fast dance steps and are moving all the time. Also, they both take years of practicing to get to the better levels. Lastly, you have to want to dance and love to dance to get better. I know there are MANY similarities but there are also so MANY differences too.

Irish dancing and hip hop also have many differences as well, for example irish set dancing have quadrilles, danced by 4 couples arranged in a square. However hip hop is "freestyle", meaning they make it up as they go along. Also, there are three grades for Irish dancers beginners grade a, b, and c with a being the worst and c being the best. By contrast, hip hop refers to "street dancing" so they just go along and there are no levels. The mechanics of Irish dance steps are much more structured than hip hop, hip hop is not prepared ahead of time.

Music is still swirling through me of hip hop and Irish music. That's where you realize the similarities and differences. But in the end you realize that it's your expression of joy that drives your love to dancing.