SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since school just started were all tired and bored. we all miss sleeping in and sleeping late and the hot weather. we all miss vacations and having fun and guess what???!!!! SCHOOL STARTED.

during summer i went to California to visit my family. it was super fun and cool. the funnest part about it was when we went to Las Vegas. the car ride was cool going from California to Vegas \with seeing the mountains and the deserts but it was annoying being in the car for so long. it got to the point where i was about to like jump out the car!! finally after 6 hours we arrived. it was so cool and huge! we stayed in a sweet in MGM . nothing was cooler than when we would walk around at night and see all the lights and hotels and arcades and restaurants . the funny thing is, is that right away we got back to the hotel at like 12:30- 1:00 right away i jumped on to those warm sweet comfy mattress with the cold sweet covers, i fell asleep within minutes of time!

It was the first day of school. Everyone was dying to see their teachers and classmates. I walked into my class and right there was the best teachers in the world standing by the door. I was so excited to be able to have Dr.Shamey and Mr.Kassab. Right away we started learning and getting to know them, i knew it was going to be a great year and guess what........... i was right. Right now Mr.Kassab is teaching us really cool things in math like how to divide fractions, and Dr.Shamey is teaching us about great things alot of us never knew about like the 5 themes of geography. But here and there (which means like everyday in my words!) Its fun messing around with Mr.Kassab especially that he didnt get me my soup and he's rubbing it in my face! But WAY, WAY, WAY DEEP DOWN i truly think he's a fun, and great teacher. But dr.shamey, you'll always be my favorite!!!!!

PERSONAL NARATIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'Boom bang'. The ride was ready to go. We were next in line. The worker gets her microphone and says, "Okay riders enjoy thr ride". As I watched the ride go up I was dying to see how it was. It was going so fast and with all these loops and turns. The ride was over. The other people got off as we got on. I sat in my seat. My heart was racing faster than ever before. The woman that checks your seat belt was checking mine. She walked past and moved on to other people as if mine was good and ready. As they were starting the ride up I was holding my cousin's hand so hard it went numb. I shut my eyes and was prepared to go. As soon as the ride was slowly making its way up, the lady stopped it as fast as she could and we all leaned forward. We were all nervous and were wanting to know what was going on. Half of the people were already half way up the hill so we were on a slant as they stopped the ride. I then realized that the lady stopped the ride because she realized my seat belt wasn't secure and was very loose so it would've undone. My hands were sweaty, I soon realized they were slipping and I could'nt do anything about it. I was really tired from holding that seatbelt. I looked at my iphone. 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes have gone by and I'm more nervous than ever. At that moment, the ride continues without my seatbelt secure. And then I realized the faster the ride went and the more loops the looser my seat belt got on all the loops and I would've fell off the ride! She did'nt know how to fix it for me beacuse I was literally almost all the way up. It was more nerve wrecking than anything I've ever gone through. A sweat gland went through my back. I was really thinking I might fall because we were so high and I was scared my seat belt would let me go. I was holding the seat belt as close as I could've possibly held it!!! The ride continues with my seat belt loose and then all of a sudden.........'BANG'!


Dear Bennett,
Im literally screaming your name for 20 minutes and you never answer!
You're like so annoying when i want to ask you something. The only really "cool"
thing about you is that you're KINDA funny. And i dont think i can put up with your crazy self!
When i heard Dr.Shamey calling our groups i guess i was a little excited to be in your group cuz i
thought u were gonna be funny, but u got the best parts!!!!! even though sometimes i wanna rip my
head off when you annoy me, i guess you're alright.

HYPERBOLE ( this is all true tho )

Dear Mr.Kassab,
ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS WHY YOU GIVE THE MOST HOMEWORK EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like whenever i try to ask you for help for our homework ( which is the least you could do!) you ignore me! i scream your name all the way across the room and i know you hear me but you still dont answer! thats like when i wanna rip my head off!

Also i just wanna know how you seem so funny to doc and stuff but then with us you're like "Okay class today is gonna be a long day with worksheets and 3 pages of homework"! Are u serious!!!!!! i hate homework so much and you encourage her to give us some! like we alreadY have your big packets and then you want DR.Shamey to give us some! hahahaha....................... NO!

external image MP9003089533.jpg

This is what i wish i could do in your class and when im doing your homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ughhhh now were starting math and now i have to hear MORE HOMEWORKKKKKKKKKKK UGHHHHHHH



Today is the day that i am going to cedar point. (by the way i HATEEEE RIDESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Me and doctor shamey can relate because me and her have the same feedback on rides). We are all in the car and while im waiting i wanted to wright a story so that i could be famous while people read this after i die on a roller coaster :) im thinking about how i could not chicken out on the rides in line cuz thats the scariest part of when i get scared. i look out the window and were aleady there. oh great i say. As we walk in the closest ride is dragster. of course my luck there is no line so of course my brothers run to the ride. and of course they make me go on with them. since there is no line it is just us 3 on the ride. im sitting by myself in the second row and my brothers got the first. the ride is gonna go in 5 seconds. i then scream NO I CANT DO IT I JUST CANT AND I BALL MY EYES OUT! my annoying hard headed brother goes sorry youre gonna go on it. the ride starts in 3 2 1 and zoommm i lose my breath. i cant breathe for the entire ride but before i know it its over. my brother turns around to see how i am and he gets so scared cuz im trying to breathr but i cant. he screams for help. he feels bad for taking me on the ride so its his fault that i cant breathe. the paramedics rush me to a near hospital. After about 10 minutes they say ive been struck by a panic attack.....

external image Top_Thrill_Dragster_at_Cedar_Point.jpg

ALLITERATIONS ( this is letter g )

The grizzly grumpy gorilla grabbed gougly at the great hounding grapes greedily!!!!!!!!


Can you imagine a school year without summer vacation? The 2 1/2 best months of your life! The time you look forward to all year long! Well this might be your last summer... say bonjour to year round schools. In year round schools you go to school for 45 days ( 9 weeks ) and get 15 days off ( 3 weeks ). A year round school year and a traditional school year are both 180 days. states that studies show that students forget 26% of what they learned over the summer, but over the 15 day break in yrs students forget 1%. Wouldn't you rather have your students remember 99% of what they learned instead of 74%? I mean, can you blame the kids that forget a lot of the work they've done? All the sleepless nights, piles of junk food, hanging out everyday, and waking up at 2 o'clock in the afternoon all the time!
In addition, there have been many kids who forget a lot about what they learned over the summer so it was hard for them to go to school next year because they could barely hold a pen after the long break! Every year, students forget so much over the summer of what could've been REALLY hard work. 26% is really a lot and also the teacher put in a lot of work to try and help their students understand what they are teaching so the fact that they just forget it all is very sad.
People claim that year round schools cost more because of air conditioning, transportation, etc. But actually, a traditional school year and a year round school year are both 180 days so they would need bus transportation and air conditioning for the same amount of days ( 180 ). Also, it took 93 million dollars to go back to a traditional school year, so traditional school years cost more than year round schools.
In conclusion, all schools should be year round so students can remember things that they learned from the previous year because it could help them for next year. Whats the point of teaching kids for 9 months and then they forget it after the few months of summer? Therefore, year round schools are better for kids to help them remember the things they have learned over their 15 day break, rather than letting them have a few months off but forget everything.


I would be really scared if i was auggie because kids would keep looking at me and no one would be friends with me. Really no one would even look at my face because they would probably faint. It would be really hard for me because i need friends in school. Friends are what makes my day go by fast and smooth so it would be very challenging.


Can you imagine poor people not being able to go to school? Australia government does not cover public schooling like the United States. School is $316 every student per year. Of course, there are differences between Australian schools and U.S schools; however, there are similarities as well.

Australian schools and United States have some similarities. For example, they are both educating kids ages 3-22. Secondly, there is preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school. High school is 4 years In Australia, as well as the United States. Lastly, both countries study Math, science, English, and social studies as their main classes.

There are also many differences between Australian schools and United States schools. First, the U.S. high school graduation rate is 19% higher than Australia. Mainly because a higher number of kids in the U.S. have more opportunities in education because it is provided by the government. Also, in Australia college starts at 16 and is only 2 years long, but In the United States college starts at about 17-18 and is 4 years long. (standard college years)

Although Australian schools are different than United States schools, not everything is different. Some aspects of Australian schools will seem familiar to kids in the United States. However, there are also differences as well between the 2 countries educations.