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Trivia question number 1 is how many years in a row has a tiger won the MVP. Anwser on my comments.
trivia number 2, how did mets get their colors?
trivia number 3, what the capitol of israel.
trivia number 5, what is my dogs name and why amanda or bennett or zack cant anwser__


I started heading up the stairs it seemed like it was gonna take forever to get there my knees got even more unsteady every step I went up to the head of the scurpions head. There were about 20 minutes untill I reached the top.There was 19 minutes,18,17,15.
I was next there were 2 people in front of me. Now I was next. I stepped into the tube and looked down and saw the panel that will open and I will drop through. It felt like a century till the floor split open and I fell and went around the loop and into the strait away and my head was as dizzy if I did 2000 loops. I had lots of fun at Noahs ark.

Personal Naritive 2Every year I go to Montreal Canada, one of my moms best friend lives there and her other best friends comes to . They have their own tennis court in their back yard. We always have a tennis tournament. I looked at who my partner was and it was Griffen. He is one of my moms best friends son.

In the first round I did ok but Griffen did great. It was crazy there were 5 rounds and we kept on climbing up the ranks. In the semi-finals I played my dad and my sister we destroyed them, I had no idea how they even made it that far, I aced my sister every time that i got the serve in. We were going to the finals.In the finals I was playing my Mom and Griffens Mom. I was so intense i could feel the sweat going down my neck. We were tied and it was my serve to my mom. I served it and aced my mother. We had won i was going insane it was amazing and thats is my story.

Hyperbole letter

Dear President snow,
I know you hate hope more than you hate the disricts. Are you really gonna send katniss back into the arena because she is a beacon of hope,your kidding right. Rather than making her pay for being a beacon just let her
be, there will be an uprising if you send their absolutely favorite amazing victor back in the arena.

Also you would be the very first on to die once we absolutely oblitorate the capitol. And again your calling of the biggest wedding in the h
istory of Panem. You should also be aware that Katniss will also without a doubt in my mind will pull another act like the berries and I know you really extremely hate berries.

If anyone hated your stupid games more than katniss it is me. You sent me in there to face of against 49 others rather than 24 I mean are you crazy 49 lives of kids over just like that. To end this this letter i would like to say and I quote from Katniss "Thank you for your consideration."


Zoopy zebras zestfully sip soup zoop

Nine nomonical noodle never need new noodles

Nate Nasta ly names 9 new nano's

Amazing animals actually armor amazing armidillos

Brother bob bashfully bashes big bombs

Carma crazily creates crudy crews

Don dashes down a dreadfull drive

Evan evacuates elevators extremely quickly

Argument essay

Have you ever gone to your school library looking for a certain book and its not there cause its "banned" from your school library, that is the situation for me all the time. In the world way to many books are censored or banned.There are many reasons that kids should have access to all books they should have it to, I have these reasons.

Some classics have also been censored. According to the board of education in New York, In 1949 2 classics "Oliver twist" by Charles dickens and "The Merchant of Menace " by William Shakespeare were targeted in New York because "they tend to engender hatred of the Jew as a person and as a race." Many books that are classics have been censored or banned from places. David L Hudson J.r stated that Most people agree the process of education involves confronting new ideas and challenges, however because books often present controversial ideas or challenge the status quo, they are frequent targets of censorship. Even classics such as Mark Twain's the adventures of Huckleberry Fin. Though books may have controversial ideas doesn't mean that it should not be read. Books that have some big content shouldn't be censored.

There is book banning Everywhere. The encyclopedia of New Zeland Reported that almost every country places restrictions on what can be published, although the emphasis and the degree of control differ from country to country and at different periods. There are book restrictions in almost all country's. Alicia Oconner ,recently revealed that she has confronted book banning incidents in 29 states in 2013, a 63 percent increase from 2012. That is more than half of the states in the country. Throughout the whole world there are many cases of book censorship.

Some people may say that books like Hunger Games should not be in School Library's. Even so it should be there for the kids that are ready, Some kids in sixth grade may be at a eleventh grade reading level.

In the world there are to many books that are censored or banned. There is banning in America as well as many other country's. There are also many classic books that have been censored for not very good reasons. So the next time you see books that are banned from your school try to do something.

If I was Auggie i would try to block every one but the kids that were nice to me. The kids that were mean to me would eventually get in trouble. If they didn't I would just keep ignoring them and they would stop........MAYBE. The people would be crazy if they didn't get the kids in trouble. I would try to make friends but it would amost impossible.