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Free Write
This summer I went to Ohio with my Aunt,Cousins,Mom,and Grandparents.To see my great Aunt in Ohio we had lots of fun there. On the first day we got there we were busy. So first we drop our bags at her house cause that's where we were going to sleep at for the pass three days so after we drop are bags off and ate a little. She said I have a surprise for you guys, so we got in the cars and drove about 20 minutes........then we finally reach are destination it was a place called the Sport Center. My cousin was about to cry because she loves L-O-V-E-S sports.

Personal Narrative
Long time ago before I was born every thanksgiving my family used to go to other family members house but then it got way to crowed so my great uncle said we need a bigger place to have dinner so a few years later...... He came back with joyful news he said he bought a building that we could have thanksgiving dinner there. So ever since there we have thanksgiving dinner there. Its are family tradition we call the building the hall. At the Hall we have a lot of fun with are cousins and we play games like cupcakes wars its where we bring in cupcakes that we made from home and brought them to the hall

Hyperbole Letter
Dear Mom,
This morning when you fixed me up a pancake you didn't flip it. And you always always have to flip it like dad does unless it's not good. I know you don't have to school to be a pancake flipper but still you could at least flip the pancake right I mean how hard is it to flip one little pancake.
You know that fluffy golden taste well....that's not what I got this morning. What I got this morning was a rock solid, pitch black pancake. Do know what a rock solid, pitch black pancake taste well...it taste like rotten boogers with lasagna and can you even swallow a rock?

The letter is N
Nila's nosy nanny never needs new nasty nachos her nutty nappy headed nerds never nags about nails the night hawks are very needy for some newt the nurse shark helps nanny cook noodles.

Argument essay
How would you like to wake up every morning not wanting to go to school because you have to wear the same, plain, old uniform that everyone in your school has to wear? Do you want to wear the same clothes that everyone has to wear? NO students should have to wear school uniforms!!

Many students have to wear uniforms. According to Kidsfashion.com kids and teens use the way they dress to express themselves. The way kids express themselves is very important it can show what they are feeling or what they love to do. According to Angelfire.com No matter what you dress students in, they will always find a way to pass judgement upon theirs peers, if its not based upon the styles of clothes worn there are many other superficial ways to judge people. Students shouldn't have to have to wear uniforms the way they dress gives them freedom. There are a lot of children in the U.S.A that have to wear the same, plain, old uniform.

Public schools shouldn't have kids wear uniforms to school. According to Teenink.com clothes are a source of expression for children, as kids get older they become increasingly resentful of uniforms. Why do you want kids to wear uniforms they have the right to express themselves. According to FoxCove.com schools uniforms also tend to be much more costly than regular attire. When you wear uniforms sometimes they can cost more then the clothes you wear. It is possible that some children can get kicked out of school because they cant pay the cost to wear the uniforms to school.

Some people claim that a designated students wardrobe is a positive way to establish neatness and pride in ones appearance as a habit. Even so its true students should have the right to dress the way they want.

Students should not have to be forced to wear school uniforms. Students should have the right to dress the way they want not by anyone telling them what they have to wear.

How would you feel if you were Auggie starting school for the first time?
I would feel sad, mad, nervous because I would be at my parents for making me go, sad because what if i don't make friends, nervous because what if people make fun of my face.

Informational Essay
Do you know the different kinds of tradition and food in Austria .A lot of people don't know about Austrian food. There are all kinds of food in Austria

A traditional dinner for New Year's Day in Austria is Suckling Pig it's a symbol for good luck. Another New Year tradition is Sylvester which is the Eve Saint Sylvesterabend. People in Austria make punch out of cinnamon, sugar, and red wine in honor of him. At midnight trumpets are blown from church towers and people exchange kisses.

In Austria there are popular meats. One popular meat there is pork, another one is beef, and also chicken. One type of meat is called Oyster blade roast, another is called Flat iron steak, also Devon it is a type of sausage