My first roller coaster:

It was two summers ago late 2010 and it was my friend Wyatt's birthday party at cedar point. I waited about a week or two before I had to wake up at 7:00 a.m. and go to Ohio. It about three or four hours to get there and we got lost on the way there. We got there right when it was about to open. We looked around for about 10 minutes.
Wyatt had been hear before but he had never road the raptor. I wanted to be at cedar point for so long but the raptor looked really scary for a first ride but it was Wyatts birthday so i sayed yes. See now i thought Wyatt hated me because he was making go on this for my first roller coaster. It was a hour wait and I was scared out of my wits to witch i have non. We were about to get on it after waiting a hour or so when i asked Wyatt "can we go on a smaller one like the iron dragon" and he say'd "no" of course. We got on and my feet are not even touching the ground. It stared off slow and started going up and i wanted to close my eyes but I didn't. I looked at the front and it started going down and it start going so fast and I kept yelling "GET ME OFF OF HERE, I'M GONNA DIE ON HERE, GET ME OFF, I'M TO YOUNG TO DIE" and stuff like that. Wyatt was next to me laughing so hard. It did loops and spins and things that went down so fast my face was flying off like i was in a cartoon or something. We were flying through the air like bird that goes 1,000 mph.
I was screaming and thinking what did I do to deserve this. Then the ride came to a screeching stop and i flow forward. They got us in the place were we started and i got off slow and scared but also wanting to ride more. My first words when i got off were "lets ride that one"

when I found out I was going to a Green day concert:
It was the summer of 2009 and for the last 2 months me and my brother had been listening to green day. I went up stairs to watch t.v. cause i didn't feel like watching it done stairs.So I sat on the couch and my dad was on the couch look at the screen of his laptop. So I looked at his screen and he sayed "randy don't look'' so i stopped looking and 5 minutes later my dad calls my brother and puts him on speaker. My dad says that he just bought tickets to a Green day concert. So i started freaking out going "oh m god, that is awesome". The concert is in a month. So i think that I'm sitting there for 40 years and its been five minutes. Every day feels like years and years and finally a month had passed and it was the last 3 weeks of school the concert was on a Friday and my mom got subs from subway

MY personal narrative
I remember the first time I played at the subrban ice arena. I could hear my team yelling on the beanch, I could feel the wind presing up against my face when i skated. I remember how inpowered I felt when I was on the ice. It felt weird to play on that ice for the first time with a new team. I had only played with 4 guys that were on my team so I wasnt used to the other guys playing style. I was against the novi thunder cats. It was the first period and they where winning 2 to 0. Almost all the guys on my team i had played against 100 time. I was so nervouse

Hyperbole letter

Dear Batman,
Ok, im going to start off like this how do you get shot 1,000,000,000 times and still fight. Ill try to shoot you but all that comes out of my gun is a flag, that off topic, you have 1,000 batarangs and can take out like 2,000 huys at ones. Im good but not that good.
You've think you've got me beat, you and your bird friend, well shame on on you, as far as your consered I have 10,000,000,000 right outside your door stepmaking a suit for every mission, I have 1 suit and a straight jacket. You think you and all the gadets in that belt can beat all of this, how many is that though 5, 10, 20, 1,000 in a single belt, well I have like all of the 10billion people at arkham waiting for you.
You go and walk around all sliky like nothing can harm you when your in that suit. Well what if I tolled you i have the worlds best fashion stylist's working on a suit that can kich your butt to kingdomcum, huh what if I tolled you that like I just did how would you feel, scared I bet, really scared. Under that suit your just like me, but you have money, well I have every villan in Gotham city after you as we speak.

from: you thought it was
joker didnt you. no esay its bane

Argument Essay

Should fighting stay in the N.H.L.
To kick off the 2013-2014 N.H.L scene a player on the Toronto Maple Leafs got in a fight with anther hockey player. When he was getting sent to the penalty box the other guy was getting sent to the hospital. Since 2003 people in the N.H.L. and the O.H.L. have been trying to take fighting out of hockey. Fighting is apart of hockey and should always be part of hockey.

Fighting should not be banned from hockey. USA Today says "some people only come to hockey games only to see two or more hockey players get in a fight". I think one of the best parts of hockey is watching two big hockey players duke it out. Idler mag.com says that "fighting also allows players to police themselves especially if a ref misses a call''. People and the crowd tend to get angry when the ref misses a call, and it usually makes me feel better when the players take it into there own hands to make things better. For many reasons, we need fighting in the N.H.L.

Proving my point even more is Idler mag.com says that "fighting is a outlet for frustration that prevents bigger more dangerous hits from happening, and it helps ratings". I think if there is one thing that people love its money and less rating means less money. USA Today says that "fighting in the N.H.L. has been a tradition in the N.H.L. for 87 years". I think when something, like fighting in hockey, has been around in the N.H.L. as long as it has you need to keep it.

Some people say that fighting can take out good players and they might not be able to play for a while. That may be true but, every team has a player that is just there because tough. They are just there to protect the good players.

Fighting is apart of hockey and always should be. First of all, it allows player to police themselves, especially when a ref misses a call. Second of all, fighting is a outlet for frustration that prevents bigger more dangerous hits on hockey players. Fighting is apart of hockey and always should be, its necessary for the N.H.L.