My summer vacation
This summer, I went up North to my grandpa's family's cottage.
I went with my grandparents, my mom, my sister Sierra, and my dad who came up Wednesday because he had to work. First, I went to the beach, with my family,
me and my sister Sierra built the coolest sand castles!
(But all I did was dig a hole soooooooooooooooooooo deep that I found water! So, I basically just built a hole for my feet to swim in.) My mom took some pictures! Then me and my sister went into the water and we played a game where she pushed me into the water.( Me and my sister never made a name for it.) I would be sitting down in the water on the sand, and I would say. " Help me up pppplllleeeeaaaassseee!?!?!?" Then my sister said. " Ok" She said kind of suspiciously. She yanked me up then she pushed me back down! Good thing I had goggles on! The waves pushed on my face as I held my breath going under the water. As I came back up, I heard my mom calling me and my sister. Me and my sister yelled with all our strength, "WHAT?!" We said at the same time. My mom said.
"You guys should come closer to the shore."
"Ok." I said. Me and my sister went closer to the shore, so my mom could watch us 'play' with each other, (When my and my sister were actually kind of wrestling with each other.) Me and my sister 'played' that game for about 45 min. then we got cold. So, We started our sand castles again and I kept digging my hole.
Personal Narrative
I watch this channel called the Food Network channel many people have heard of it but you might not have. Well, the food network really means a lot to me, because the Food Network gave me a passion to LOVE TO COOK! I've had a passion to cook since I was 9-10 years old. Now I am 11 years and I still LOVE TO COOK!

I cook my family breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, whatever you can think of. I cook my parents 3 egg omelets for breakfast! They LOVE it! And I always LOVE to make it for them. This past summer, I cooked omelets at my grandparents family cottage. They obviously LOVED it! My parents give and my grandparents (My sister Sierra doesn't like eggs) Me on a scale 1-10 they give a 10 1/2! Always.

One Beautiful summer day this past summer, I was at my house and I wanted a grilled cheese with tomato soup, I've been craving it for weeks, so, I decided to make a grilled cheese with the best tomato soup this world has ever had!! And I think I achieved that goal of mine... so this is what I did. So, my grandma and grandpa have a garden, and they grow tomatos and they gave us some of the tomatos that had a salsa consistency to it. So, I put it in a pot with some oil, and lots,and lots, of seasoning until you could smell the seasoning from the whole house! My parents and my sister CC could smell it all the way to the living room it was that spicy.

Then, I made a couple of grilled cheeses in a pan. When the sauce was done, I put it in a bowl, and cut the warm cheesey grilled cheeses on a plate, and it was ready to eat! I tasted the steaming hot sauce and I said... " This sauce needs more spice." my family started cracking up,
( because there is this famous chef named Arron Sanchez and he is a Mexican chef and he is a judge on this show on the food network called Chopped and whenever the other judges say this is too spicy, Arron says this needs more spice, and also they were laughing, because they could smell the spice fairly strong.)

But once I added that extra seasoning, it was dddeeeelllliiiooouuusss! Then a day after 2014 came, I went to a friends house with my sister. We played truth or dare on her I pod and it choose me. I choose truth. It said ' Describe yourself 10 years in the future.' I said that I would go to school craft college in their culinary school system.


Dear Mr. Kassab,
Why do you give us sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much homework all the time??! Its to much for our little brains, well at least my tiny little brain. You have truly made this the worst year
( 9 months ) of eternity! Thanks a lot Mr. Kassab, you have ruined all the kids out there that you had in the past, and will have in the future, and that you have now, INCLUDING ME!!! I am soooo ashamed of you! Shawn something Kassab!! ( If you even have have a middle name, it would be HOMEWORK! so together it would be Shawn Homework Kassab! )

You are the worst man teacher alive!! I know you encourage home work, but, not that much homework! I just don't know what to say Mr. Kassab. I am never going to this classroom, well, only for the sweet, loving Dr. Shamey, and not for the too much homework uck. Well, whenever you teach math or science, or you are subbing for Dr. Shamey, all you will see of me is a empty desk with a empty seat. I will have already packed up my stuff and had left the school for the day!
(Oh, snap!)

The next day, if you teach math in the morning, I won't be there during the lesson or to pick up the 20,000 pages that you assign us for homework! ( again, OH SNAP! ) I usually have more home work than CC ( my sister Sierra, but they call her CC,) And she has like 10,000 hours of homework.
Your least fav. student,

P.s. I am soooooooo sorry that I had to write THIS HORRIBLE letter to you, Dr. Shamey told us to write a hyperbole, so, i had no choice. And I couldnt think of who to write to. And the first person I thought of is YOU! And you are actually the best teacher ever! I am sorry if I hurt you in any way. I know that I am actually your fav. student.
Savannah <3 LOL :)

Savannah's Alliteration:

My letter is the letter F.

Birds feathers fall frolicking in the flowing wind

here's another one

Flowing flunk of flowers, frolic in the frosty wind


The fruits, the vegetables, the crunchy chips, what should I eat first? Oh, wait... I can't eat in class. Do you want to see children or possibly your child suffering, when they come home from school crying because they don't have food to eat at school? This is why Kasham should have snack back for the many benefits of children.

According to U.S. Department of Agriculture, 15.9 million children under 18 in the U.S.A, live in households where they don't have the access to nutritious food necessary for a healthy life, which may effect their disposition in school, their academic performance, and class participation. Foods like fruits, vegetables, cheese/dairy help students focus in class and keep students healthy so they may attend school each day. If kids get a nutritious snack, kids will do better in school. stated that hunger can prevent kids from reaching their fullest potential, and can affect their grades. Also, if kids don't have a snack in the morning and in the afternoon, all they would think about is how hungry they are. So, in conclusion, if a child has a snack at the time they need to help keep themselves focused, kids will do better in school. If Kasham has snacks, Kasham would be more focused and not as talkative. This could help not JUST Kasham, but ALL students. informed us that at school, hunger keeps children ages 5 to 17 from making the most of the opportunities that are thrown at them. Kids 17 and under have a chance of getting brain damage if they don't get nutritious food at regular intervals. If kids get this damage to the brain, students will not be able to learn and might not be able to get a good job when they graduate. This is why kids need to have a snack, or bad things could happen that puts children at risk. said that 1 out of every 5 children face hunger every day! Hungry children will not perform their best in school.

On the other hand, food smells! Crumbs and sticky stuff on the ground can attract bugs. Also, chewing, crunching and smashing of water bottles, bags, and food could distract learning of students, and that could make learning and listening to the teacher harder, and teachers will have to confront the students. Allergies to peanuts, seafood and more can have a huge affect on students learning ablilties in the classroom.

In conclusion, snack will help kids be focused in class. First of all, kids will not focus on how hungry they are; they will focus on learning. Finally, kids could get a brain tumor if they don't eat the right amount of nutritious food. So, by letting kids eat snack in the classroom, children will be able to stay more focused in school.

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Topic: How would you feel if you were Auggie starting school for the first time?

I would feel nervous. Because I am going to a new school and meeting new people, and I wouldn't want people to see my face. My deformed face. I would also feel scared and sad. I would feel scared because kids may look at me funny and make fun of me. I would feel sad because I would miss my family and old friends.

Informational Essay!!

Have you ever wondered what you were going to wear the next day to school or work or anywhere? Italy and Japan are known for their beautiful and unique styles that really make their clothes shine. Japan and Italy have many differences but just as many similarities.
Japan and Italy have some differences. Italian fashion emerged long before Japanese fashion. Japanese fashion emerged in popularity as Street Fashion. Street Fashion can be defined as a style the customer creates on their own. They often create these styles by combining purchesed chothing and making it into something that the designer will think the people will be interested in. Japanese fashion has a unique style but it's influences are Western. Italian fashion has a unique style all it's own and the Italians are usually repsonsible for setting trends instead of being influenced by others, as is the case with Japanese fashion. Italians are responsible for creating sharp lines in clothing that pleases the eye, especially from designers such as Ferragamo and Gucci. Finally, Japanese fashion has very bright colors. While Italian fashion boasts classic and neutral styles and colors.
Italy and Japan have some similarities. They both have very expensive prices. For example, in Italy, they charge about 100 eurons. That is equal to about 10,000 American dollars! 100 American dollars equals about 10,000 yens! ( in Japan ) both fairly expensive. Also, Japan and Italy both ignite excitement in the customer of their clothes. Both countries have popular styles that people like or may not like.
To sum up; although Japanese fashion and Italian fashion are a lot different, they are also similar. If you travel to Japan or Italy, you will know what to expect when you shop for clothes.