wellcom to my wiki

Hi my name is Savio Senawi . I like to play soccer football and basketball. i don't have a big family but my dads side

has a big family. i like to play

out side and skatebord. you can be my friend easly.

i like to play minecraft. that's about me .

On summer vacation i went to a water park in Ohio. it was a 2 hour drive. i slept the whole why there so i did not know what happened but my sister told me that it was all farm land. When we arrived we had to unpack our stuff in our hotel room.then we went to the water park. Me and my sister mostly stayed indoors and my mom and dad stayed outdoors. Me and my sister went on every water ride there after that we dried off an d went ziplining,rock climbing,and rope corsing. At night we went to the arcade to play some games. after that we cash in our tickets. On the next day we had to go home. The end!!!!!!!!

Personal Narrative

The Day I Met My Best Friend

It was the first day of kindergarten. I felt lonely another kid sat by me at lunch he asked me my name and I said it was Savio. He said his name was Entonio. Then at recess we played together and talked for a little bit. We liked each other very much and went over each others houses. At the end of the day we had little spare time to play so we did. After that we had to go home so we asked each other what bus we went on. It ended up we went on the same bus. We started sitting by each other by each other every single day. Then his stop came up and he had to leave. We have been in each other class since then except first grade but then he went to a different school and the school was Beachview. I was very sad that he left the school. When I went to Warner I saw him in me class and i asked him what class are you in and he said Mrs. Benner and I said I was in Mrs. Benner to and I was so happy. At the end of the school year we were nervous if we were not in the same class again. After that we were in the same class again and we were so happy the end we said bye to each other.

my hyporbole letter

dear spongebob

i did not break my shell you were the one that threw me down to the floor and started laghfing at me and i was all sad weep weep cry cry. i did not break all the shells in the shellatoriom there was one shell left but you raped it with bublerap and it sliped out of your
hands.you found a box for me then drew the swirles but that did not help at all.
i am just a lonely ole snail in a box. even thou you tried to glue the pices together they still broke off. mr crabs was nice enouf to give me his shell but you did not even try to find another store. you are the worst owner in history of snail owners. i hope i never see you again.
did you break my shell for a reson or do you just hate me do yo do you.

super heros story

one day there was a boy named elchucacabra and he fell off a cliff. there was a new super hero in town and hae cold do allmost anything. elchucacabra fell off a cliff and the new super hero risked his life to save him. when he was about to die he said"mu name is firnando". he was the first one to save so his powers transfered to elchucacabra. elchucacabra saved lots of lives but this one day the evil doctor erges planet cripton was crashing toreds earth and he had to stop it. he cled almost evrey singil super hero that he knowed. he called freze breth man of steel and the incredibels famliy

Argumentev essay

FINALY! got tickets to the redwings game oh... I forgot I got to much homework. I think the amount of homework that we should get is 2 pages we should spend 2 hours on homework. Some kids stay up late trying to finish the homework that they get. we should get limited homework.

We should get limited homework. Some students are struling with the amount of homework we get now. Professor Horsley, from Central Queensland University, says the book's most important finding is that the quality but homework that is set to much.Some kids don't have time to finish all of it. Student have a busy scegwell,for ex I have karata right after school. Second kids grade drop low.

There is no law that shows how much homework is sposed to be given but kids are not sposed to spend 3-4 hours on homework.I think we should spend 30 min on the amount of homework we get. Students should not get stressed out at this age and it is not helthy for them to get stressed. There is no law but we should get limited homework.
We should get limited homework. Most student can't finish the homework we get today.
Most students cant finish the homework we get today. Kids grades are droping low so it take them longer to finish the homework we get. That's why we should get limited homework.

we should get limited homework.most students cant finish the homework we get today.most students get tiered ou by staying up late.

most students cant finish there homework. acording to teen ink kids spend 3-4 hours on homework. kids grades are droping low so it makes it even harder for them.thats why we sould limit homework.

if I was suggest I would...
I would not want to go to school because I would be the Only one that looks ugl. For example one day I was playing with my sister we had this marble table and I hit my head but i was happy that my hair covered it so no one could see it. I started plaing with my hair then sone one I my class saw It and they asked me what happen to me an I said i hit my head on a marble table. I would also feel sad because I don't look like the other people I my school. people would make fun of me and I wod feel sad.