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This summer ...
I went to a camp tamarack in Ortonville , Michigan .
It is a sleep over camp for 24 days with out your parents .
You have a counselor that lives with you for 24 days and
they go to activities and meals with you . You have a bunk that you
live with and go to activities with you. Some of the activities
you do are art and crafts, swimming , boogie boarding and more !!!!!
I was in a village called sheruth ! The camp just redid the my village that mean
that we have new cabins with porch and nicer beds ! after lunch you
have something called rest hour where you can write letters to your
Parents , play games, and hang out with your bunk. My favorite time
of day is when we get letters from your parents and packages. You swim in a
lake that has a lake slide and a blob . I love camp it is some much fun!

All About me!

  • I am 11 years old

  • LOVE to Dance and sing

  • love to swim

  • I love cupcakes

Hi! My name is Sydney and I love dance.
I dance at Annette and company in farmington
Hills. I take tap and jazz !!! My teachers name is
Mark . In my class they is four people in my jazz
class including me . In my Tap class there is six people
in my class. In the end of dance we do a recital in June where you have
to wear make - up and a costume. We practice on every Tuesday . For
dance you need to practice some many times. Dance is awesome!

up north!
Ever year I go up north to stay
at my Grandma and papa 's condo.
The car ride is about four hours long.
My Family stays in Charlevoix.

You can do all different thing in Charlevoix.
You can ski up north in the winter.
you can also walk around in the town they
have all different stores. My Grandma and
Grandpa both have a boat that we go tubing
and just get a boat ride around the lake . It i so
fun in charlevoix.

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Skiing up north personal narrative

Have you ever been up north to ski ? I have and it is fun. I think
most people who go skiing love it . The First time I went skiing I did not like it but now I like it a lot better. Skiing take a lot of practice. I go Skiing every year at boyne highlands.
I take a class how to ski. You have a teacher that teaches you
how to ski and play skiing game to make you get better . Before you ski you need to bundle up to be warm because you will be out side for a while and it is very be cold . The clothes
you need to where is snow pants, hats, and scarf . When you get to the mountain you have to get your ski shoes and your skis . Also before the class I have lunch there are all different yummy types of food. After lunch I have to get ready to bundel up for the cold snow. After that I was ready to ski !!! I meet my ski teacher and his name is Logan . I lean sevral of new skiing skills . And also going down the mountain. My teacher tougth us to go on something new called the magic carpet . It is like an eskatlor but has no steeps and it take you up the mountain so you can go down. After my class is over is get hot coca the hot coca was the BEST ever !!!! I hope you will go skiing soon and like it like I did!!!

warning: this story is not true

Hyperbole letter
Dear MOM ,

Why do you have to be so mean when we are swimming . You never dunk your head WOW! You always teel me and gabrielle to swim there and back by you don't even dunk your head . Get with the program you are so not fun . All you do is just sit on a raft like a lazy bum . SO NOT COOL you could just throw me diving ring and play with me so i have fun . And you also tell me to jump off the diving board but you never do AT ALL.love, sydney

Don't you think we have a life too. it is not all home work every day i have dance Hebrew school and other stuff. plus i want to have my own free time every day so i can play on my i pad do crafts, watch t.v , and other stuff . my life isn't all HOMEWORK,HOMEWORK,HOMEWORK. I DON'T MIND some home work but not this amount. i know you arn't trying to be mean you want to help us become better students it whould be better if you could give us home every other day of the week and no home work on friday because i get to have free time too.yourstudent, sydney
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Aka this is for u

The dancing ice cream

Once there was a dancing ice cream that lived in the city of bunnyvile with all different kinds of ice cream dancing ice creams like mint chip,Oreo, cookie dough, and much much more. The ice cream lived in family's that got dinner at the foxes pizzaria. One of the dancing ice creams got lost at the foxes pizzaria . The family left the ice cream at the restaurant. so the dancing ice cream sat at the front of the pizzaria. So one day some one asked "where is your mom and dad?" The women whispered. The ice cream mumbled i got lost she cried . The women asked if she could help her the ice cream said sure .So they when 't to the mall to see if there mom or dad were there . They went in every store they still did not see there mom or dad. So they went to the local movie theater to see a movie and to see if they saw any dancing ice creams. The movie they saw were the bunny strike back it was amazing ! It was about bunnies fighting other bunnies. so after the show they were hungry and they haven 't had lunch yet so they went to the hamburger shop . Guess what? They found the other bunnies. yeah! They were so happy to see each other. They danced with joy and freedom . They were so happy had a party at the dancing ice cream house.

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But beyond crucial lessons in digital citizenship, cellphones can be a great (and low-cost) technology tool in the classroom. Cellphones are cameras and audio recorders, allowing students to work on multimedia projects. Cellphones are calculators. They are calendars - a far better way to record homework assignments than the print calendars students never carry around. Cellphones can be used to poll students in classrooms. In other words, cellphones can allow students to create and to share content, and they can provide an important bridge between the classroom and home.

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argument essay

The computers , i phones , i pods, what should i use next? Technology helps student learn in class. And it could be a good resource with good apps and information.I think technology should be in class rooms at school for the following reasons.

In order for students to learn and improve academically in school there should be technology in class rooms. According to Shelby schools they say that education should use technology in the classrooms because there is a wide range for students to reach there potential for student of different learning styles . I think technology will help student learn and help for good skills when they are older. Also the us news says most kids schools allow i pads and the school gives them to use for the school year . On I pad you get e books instead you using text books for wasting paper. This will help student do good in school and help recycling so we don't waste paper for books . Technology is very important for students to use and very easy to figure out.

Technology can do many good things for students. The New York times studies show that technology all ways out does the human head .That means technology can do so much more then the human head and know so much information. The reason to use technology in classrooms is to keep the experience. There should be technology in every classrooms to make an experience. ID T.pro states that technology is one of many new resources for kids you can many things with like read books, take notes , play with apps. So you can use many thing on technology and you can do it very fast .

I know it is very pricey for and i pad but it will help help your student . You will see fast results parents can even cheek on the students i pad to see if there homework was done what apps they used . They can take pictures of the board and email the teacher for questions and do anything else .This will help your student become a lot better with technology and know how to use .

I think students should use technology in class. Student should be able to use technology in the class room instead of using text books you can use an e book instead of wasting paper. The kids future depend on this technology it will give them great skills for when they apply a job . There should be technology in every class at school.

How would you feel if you were Auggie starting a new school for the first time?

I would be very nervous if i was starting a new school with a deformed face like Auggie . People would be staring at me all the time i would not like that people looking at me all the time. I would get make fun of all the time And people would hate me . I want to have the good experience at school for the first time but i do not what to get make fun of at school. School is a place for kids to learn without Kids being mean to them .

Informational essay: Spain fashion and American fashion

Coco Chanel said “Fashion fades; only style remains the same . Most people think fashion is very important in your daily lifestyle. Some people think Spain’s fashion is the best others think American fashion is the best .Spain and American fashion have some similarities and some differences.

Spain and American fashion have many similarities. For example, fashion does not simply consist of the clothes we pick out of your closets in the morning. Also Spain and American fashion has always been connected to culture, religion, and class. That that means religion deals with fashion and culture. Furthermore, to wear any kind of clothes you need to have some confidence if you can’t be confident with yourself then you can’t confident with anything. Spain Fashion and American fashion have a lot in common.

There are also some differences between Spain fashion and American fashion . For example, in Spain you can not wear flip flop other then then to the beach . In America you can where flip flops any where you want you can were them to go shopping and etc. Also, in Spain they don't have the brands north face and Uggs they are no where to be seen . In America they have those major brands And they do not have those in Spain . Another differences is that is in Sprain the general rule is that if you wouldn't wear it back home then you could defiantly get away with it in Spain . In America you they don't really have any fashion rules so they just do what they want . These differences make Spain fashion and American fashion different.

Although Spain fashion is different from American fashion, not everything is different.
It is very important so you know what is in style. Knowing what other countries and states fashion is importation. Knowing what to expect when you go to Spain and America, any other places you want to visit it is good to know what other places where.

This is American fashion!!!
This is American fashion!!!

This is Spain fashion!!!
This is Spain fashion!!!