It was warm ups. We all thought we were gonna lose because the sharks had beaten us 3 out of 3 times. We were nervous. When were done warming up we got to the side line to find out who the starters were. I was a starter. We were totally the "UNDERDOGS" which means that they were in favor to win. We started, at the the end of the first quarter it was 14 to 5 we were winning. I was shocked

Me and the rest of the TEAM were really confident that we were gonna win. I was now on the bench talking to my coach because I was in the for the whole first quarter. I said, "can I go back in," because I had scored 8 of the 14 points. Our team was going crazy because we were winning. I felt we were TOO cocky at the beginning and that we were gonna lose.

I went back in the game with 4 minutes left in the 2nd quarter and I scored 2 points with 4 assist. It was half time, we were winning 23 to 13. We were taking a rest until the 3rd quarter began because we only had 6 players. It was half way over, the 3rd quarter just began and we had the ball. The 3rd went by so fast. It was the end of the quarter and it was 27 to 17 and I scored 12 points the whole game so far. My mom was sooooo happy that we were winning .

1 minute left in the forth quarter I was in, we had not played press which is full court defense, because we were winning by a lot. The final score of the game was 32 to 19. WE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!


Every year I have always played 3 sports, football, baseball, and basketball. When I play football the sweat makes me feel like I impacted in the practice. But, at the end of the end of the week it pays of because we usually won. When I play baseball I usually pitch. Sometimes when Pitch I feel nervous because I might hit someone when they at bat. When I play basketball feeI like I am king of the quart because i am so much bigger than everyone else.


Dear Dr.Shamey,

Hi this is Zack, I want to talk to you about my travel brochure. why wont you give it back. I know you thought it was one of the best, but you could copy it and keep it for next year. I'm almost positive im not the only one in the class who wants theirs back. WHY, WHY, WHY do you have to torture me by not giving it back. If I don't see it soon, I feel like im gonna die.

Its past the seconded trimester and im going BANANAS over not seeing it. In my perspective I should not have asked because now I know that I wouldn't have gotten it till now. I'm tired of asking to see it, when you show it to us, ( I hope soon) I will be happy. I am pretty sure that you enjoyed it so I now would like to read and enjoy it.


wicked witches write wonderful writing

if i was Agguie going to school for the first time, i would just not care what other people think of me! i would hope that if i was the new kid i would have a couple kids from each class to show me around and be my friend even by how i look.